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When someone writes a fake review for a website, product or service, it is possible he or she could be sued by the company. It is essential to research and review the law before posting erroneous details and information.

Among the many websites online, various managers, owners and moderators have become involved in lawsuits against persons posting fake reviews and information about products, services and the content within the site. Some of these locations online are available for information about items and areas to shop and obtain goods. When the details are not real, have been fabricated or otherwise deter a person from shopping there, this may harm the brand, revenue or profits of the company. There are disparagement laws in place that keep a person from posting untruthful claims when they harm either the owner or the business. This means it is vital to review what laws are in place and how to prevent breaking them.

Individuals post fake reviews online constantly as a means of cruelty, to deter business and as a prank. Unfortunately, this directly affects various companies both online presence and the knowledge about the business. Because of this and the dip in profits due to revenue impacted negatively, lawsuits are popping up with certain organizations that have an online presence. Some of these review products, services or information. Other companies have a physical building and the website. For these businesses, it is important to prevent as much economic damage as possible. This then leads to litigation against specific persons or groups.

Possibility of Getting Sued

When fake reviews are put up on websites, some companies that own the websites are fighting back through litigation. The information posted is often inaccurate, entirely false or sheds a bad light on the company through partially true or data that is out of context. When the reviews viewed by those that own the business or site, the owner or managers may seek action through the legal system with a lawsuit against the individual or group perpetrating the act. This means that a lawyer is hired to contact the person first with a cease and desist order in most circumstances. If the person continues or refuses to remove the fake review, then the next step may be the court room.

Another possibility for litigation is when employees of the company post information about the employer on a website such as Yelp or Facebook with negative aspects that could affect business, profits and client relationships. If the action occurs while at work, the employee may be fired and served a lawsuit for the incident. Such reviews may even connect the company to certain business practices which should not be provided in usual situations, but if a nondisclosure agreement has been signed this could lead to a successful suit against the worker. Evidence and the review are still needed, but breach of contract may be added to the other charges.

Handling the Lawsuits

When a company or individual is being sued for a fake review, it is important to ensure a lawyer is hired first. Then, with legal representation, it may be more easily understood what will occur next. In order to avoid these matters, it is vital to avoid all possible instances of fake reviews to include services that provide these items online. However, it is possible the company could be embroiled in litigation due to the actions of a single or multiple employees. It is essential to have as much evidence possible to refute claims and show in court that a fake review was posted without the assistance or urging of the company.

Other matters may involve fake reviews for negative aspects of the business. While these are detrimental to the business transactions and revenue, it is important to have these removed as soon as possible. This means that a remedy for litigation may be to have all instances of the fake review deleted from the website. Managers of the online presence may have the ability to do so for the company, but that does not stop the reviewer from posting once again. With the possibility of a lawsuit against the person reviewing the company with a fake posting, he or she may remove it and desist.

Legal Services

When a company may be facing litigation, a lawyer should be on hand to assist with the entire concern. Fake reviews and the knowledge that they exist often have negative impacts on the company with customers and clients.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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