How Lawyers Help in Administrative Appeals

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Administrative actions and decisions made in various companies, businesses, organizations and through groups that affect individuals and others may be appealed when appropriate action is taken. For this process to be completed properly with less complication, a lawyer is usually a necessity.

Administrative decisions cold affect someone from a business standpoint as well as someone attempting to seek immigration from another country with a visa application. The need for an appeal is to attempt to change the decision with all the information provided to the committee, board or panel of the organization or company that completed the action. When these processes have been completely exhausted, it may then be possible to take the matter to the courtroom with a fresh perspective that could result in a better outcome for the person affected. However, it is of great help to hire a lawyer before that for advice, assistance and communication and contact with others that may aid through support.

Some offices such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service may be affected by appeals being accomplished for denials and revocation of immigration status with the person seeking assistance through the Administrative Appeals Office. There are over 40 different types of appeals this office may assist with, but even if this is not possible there are numerous other methods that could be accomplished through a lawyer. Legal administration is often complicated, but legal representation is able to simplify the process and explain what is needed to progress, how to move on and what to do next when needed. This makes having a lawyer invaluable, and he or she generally increases the chances of appeal success significantly.

The Appeals Explained

Business owners, employees and other professionals are affected by administrative decisions and actions. This could cause one person to lose a license and another to no longer have health insurance. This means that an appeal is necessary to reverse the decisions completed and actions accomplished on behalf of the company. Often, these issues arise due to a supervisor or manager. However, sometimes the board that oversees these matters takes certain concerns into account and votes on a specific course for individuals or groups of persons. When this causes a negative effect on the professional or employee, he or she needs to have the action or decision reversed or changed. This means attempting to appeal it through the counsel, board or panel.

When the matter is through a single company that resides within one state, the individual must usually go through the business channels and exhaust these routes before the court is open for a possible reversal. However, it is possible that the concern could be taken to a federal court. Some of these matters are civil and some are criminal depending on various factors. It is important to contact legal counsel to assist in advice, who to contact, communication with certain officials and in obtaining help through the situation so that a better outcome could be attained. Without legal representation, the person may have a higher chance of rejection and losing the case with the board.

The Duties of an Administrative Lawyer in Appeals

Lawyers are often hired for administrative appeals when the individual has few other options left, has just started or may be progressing to the court outside of the company. The legal representative works to protect the rights of the aggrieved and attempt to seek a reversal of a business’ decision. Through the appeals process, this may be possible. Fair, reasonable and swift judgments are what the client is after, and to do so, he or she may need the assistance of a lawyer. When an appeal is successful, this means no further appeals processes are necessary.

To ensure that the matter moves forward from the initial stages, the lawyers from both sides meet and attempt to keep the legal matters of relevance within the scope of the appeal. This could lead to swifter action and a possible positive outcome. The first steps of the appeal are almost always contained within the company that completed the decision. This means a panel, board or counsel is overseeing the case for appealing the matter. This may result in multiple hearings before numerous members before either an appeal is successful or the case moves to the courtroom before a judge. The administrative lawyer attempts to succeed in the appeal so that the client is provided the benefits, his or her job restored or some other action.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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