What to Expect in a Free Case Evaluation with a Personal Injury Lawer

Most injury lawyers offer free case consultations. What can you expect to happen during your visit? What should you look for in an injury lawyer?

Many lawyers, in all areas of law, advertise their free case evaluation. Most personal injury and wrongful death lawyers routinely offer free case consultations. What does a free case consultation mean and what exactly does it include?

An initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer will likely be a 30-60 minute meeting between the potential client and the attorney. The client will explain their situation, and why they are looking to retain legal counsel. The attorney will listen and give feedback to the individual as to whether or not they have a potential claim.

The initial consultation will include a review of any documents brought by the client. You should plan to bring all documents that you have regarding your situation. If you are missing some relevant documents; donít worry, you can always supply them later.

Reviewing the facts and important documents together will allow the attorney to view the facts of the potential claim and ask relevant questions. Itís also a chance for both parties to see if they are a good fit for each other. Every lawyer has their style, which may or may not fit every client.

During the consultation, the attorney will explain any fees that the firm may charge. They will outline what the client can expect, should they choose to retain the attorney as their legal counsel. Even if you donít hire that a particular attorney, your conversation with them is protected by attorney-client privilege.

A free case consultation is a chance for the attorney and client to meet face to face and go over the potential claim. Take advantage of a free case consultation if you think you have a potential injury or wrongful death claim.

Finally, look for an attorney who specializes in the matter relevant to you. If itís personal injury or wrongful death, look for an attorney with both experience and success.

John Leader is an experienced and highly respected personal injury and wrongful death lawyer in Arizona. He has had several multi-million dollar verdicts for his clients.

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