Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

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While you may be juggling multiple tasks, such as dropping the kids off at school, stopping for coffee on the way to work, and picking up the dry cleaning, driving while distracted is extremely dangerous. Doing so can result in a serious accident injuring yourself and others.

Eating and Grooming Yourself

While it may seem you’re always rushing to get out the door every morning, allow yourself enough time to eat and get yourself ready before getting in the car. Eating while driving, combing your hair, putting on mascara, and so forth, are behaviors you want to avoid while driving. They slow your reaction time and increase your chance of an accident.

in Advance

Before getting in your car, make sure you’re prepared adequately in advance. Have everything you need so you’re not distractedly looking for something while driving. In addition, make sure your mirrors and seat are appropriately adjusted and you know how to get where you are going before you leave. In the event you realize you may be lost, pull over to check directions, or if you have someone in the car with you, ask them to check the directions for you. 

Using Your Phone

When your phone rings or you receive a text message or email, it can be hard to resist picking it up. However, even glancing at your phone briefly is a big risk when you’re driving. Wait to look at your phone until you have reached your destination or pull over to the side of the road if you must check it. 

Focusing on Driving

Driving should be your number one focus, so avoid distractions as much as possible. Pay attention to the traffic signs and road rules, and drive as carefully and responsibly as you can. 

Securing Your Belongings 

Spilled coffee can definitely be a distraction, so make sure to secure all loose items when driving. This way, you can avoid having to wipe up coffee, bend over to pick something up, or distractedly reach for an item. 

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