No Fault Insurance and Bodily Injury Claims in Minnesota Bike Accident Cases

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When a case occurs with no fault conditions, this means that no single person or company is responsible for the injuries incurred. However, there are still situations where compensation may be received even with no fault incidents when bodily injury claims arise for bike accidents in Minnesota.

When involved in a bike accident in Minnesota, it is important to know what no fault means. Injuries that occur due to these incidents could be compensated, but all aspects of the local laws should be understood by those involved. It is usually necessary to hire a lawyer so that the finer intricacies are clearer to the victim and to pursue a claim for compensation due to the wounds incurred. Through navigating the legal procedures in this manner, it is possible to recover appropriately after a bike accident. Legal representation may assist in making the victim whole after the event.

Insurance becomes vital in these situations where the circumstances include no fault. Because no one is responsible by law for these incidents, insurance settlements are provided to those that have been injured. For accidents in Minnesota, it is both important to have this insurance and to know how it works so that the victims is able to recover and become whole once the event has passed. The state requires car and truck drivers to have no-fault insurance coverage, but motorcycle and bike drivers are not. These policies transfer to the incident and the victims are covered through Minnesota No-Fault Law accidents.

No-Fault Insurance

With states that have no-fault insurance, it is easier to process a claim. The driver is not at fault, but neither is the biker. This results in an insurance claim being provided to the injured victim, and litigation is bypassed so there is less expense and time taken to resolve these matters. The insured may see a rise in premiums after the incident, but he or she is not entangled in a lawsuit. The insurance coverage has No-Fault expenses or Personal Injury Protection fee attached based on the state and driverís options. These act the same as other coverage, but they apply to the situation where someone has been injured specifically. When these are not available in other states, there could be similar choices available.

These policies cover the injury and death of others that have been harmed by the driver. They only kick in with these circumstances, but are required as part of the policy by Minnesota drivers. Multiple no-fault benefits may be stacked for the victim based on the situation. Insurance pays out $20,000 in medical expenses and $20,000 in loss of wages for each policy in effect. These expenses are divided into medical and non-medical for the victim. This provides for recovery with treatment, surgery and other medical procedures. The other coverage could be used for loss of income and other specifics.

The Expenses in Coverage

When No-Fault coverage is purchased as necessary by law, someone in Minnesota is entitled to two types of expenses. In the medical bills, the person is covered for up to $20,000 in medical, chiropractic, medication prescriptions and doctorís visits. This ensures recover for most mild to moderate injuries. When the more severe issues occur, there could be other recourse available. However, when the issue is documented and the victim has seen a physician, he or she is provided medical options to become whole after the incident, and his treatment is taken care of with this policy.

Non-medical expenses are covered based on the type and within a certain limit. For lack of work, the person is covered with a maximum of $500 for each week gross income is not earned. Housecleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and meal preparation are provided at a maximum of $200 each week after the first seven days of the accident have passed. Yardwork and childcare could be covered as well. If someone dies, funeral costs are covered for up to $5000. While the non-medical does cover up to $20,000 as well, property damage and pain and suffering are not covered. However, they may be part of person insurance.

Legal Claims

When an accident occurs with a biker, it is important to ensure they are able to recover from the incident. However, this may require the services of a lawyer to ensure his or her rights are protected and that all available compensation is received. A legal representative will fight for his or her client and seek the best possible benefits.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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