Children Affected by Cult Actions

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Cults are led by fanatical leaders that charm and direct followers to various actions that may include violence against others. However, the actions of the cult may harm the children of parent members to the point of injury and abuse both physically and sexually, and this may eventually lead to criminal charges and the children taken away to foster care.

Many cult members are followers of a singular leader. However, there are sometimes others that are given some amount of power that permits them to take action without question. Other adults in the cult may have aggressive or abusive tendencies. When children are involved in these organizations, it could lead to abuse and injury. The parents are generally too focused on the leader and not paying attention or aware of what happens with their own family. When the actions of the cult affect a child in this manner, he or she may be left scarred for life physically, emotionally or mentally. These wounds inflicted frequently only go away after years of therapy, if at all.

If a cult has a violent end, some children may survive by hiding when the leader has engaged in a suicide pact with the rest of the members. The parents that have been charmed completely may not think to protect the rest of the family from these actions. Then, law enforcement and social services are required to help these children break away and attempt to lead normal lives. Through therapy, medical treatment and social interactions with others, they are sometimes able to recover fully. For those that remain scarred, the cycle could continue when they become adults.

The Ramifications of Cults

For children that are able to break away from cult life and the commune the usually reside on, life may entail complications others do not have. The emotional damage to children in a cult may differ depending on whether they suffered any abuse. However, seeing family members praying to, giving devotion or worshiping the leader could harm them and impact their belief system. Without something other than the lead to place faith in, any standard relationship with those that have another religion may be harmed. Their outlook and knowledge of the spiritual and religious concepts may be impaired.

If there is abuse involved, the psychological and emotional wounds may run deep. Years of therapy and counseling could become a necessity to recover from the internal profound injuries. Knowing how to treat others, what practices are needed with society and how to live are all impacted negatively. The cult dynamics could lead the child to grow up acting differently. There could exist additional complications with forming relationships and retaining familial bonds. The harm a cult can do to a child is boundless depending on the resilience and will of the boy or girl. However, breaking away could be the best thing he or she could accomplish in younger years.

Long-Lasting Effects and Criminal Charges

When a child has been subjected to the actions and behavior of cults and members, these wounds often leave deep scars that last well into adulthood. Without proper treatment and therapy, the long-lasting effects could cause the individual to resent, have emotional complications and to possess psychological problems that could induce certain conditions and impairments. The consequences of the parents joining a cult or the child being taken in by someone in the organization often lead to difficulties socializing, believing in anything and trusting others. Without recovery options available, these deep seated issues fester and may harm the adult once a part of a cult. It is possible he or she may join a cult later to satisfy the need that has been left after leaving.

Some that are religious seek the cult to fill the same spiritual need. But, as children they are unaware of the harmful effects of false devotion, love that comes with a price and members with ulterior motives. When the object is to abuse the children in the organization, many of these youths grow up to continue the cycle they were taught at a younger age. Then, others need the same recovery options and treatment denied to these kids.

Legal Help to Children from Cults

To seek a remedy from cult activities and actions taken by certain members, children that break away from the organization may need to contact law enforcement or a lawyer. When these youths return to family, it is possible to recover from the situation and seek justice through the court.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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