Cults Tearing Apart Lives

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The activities of cults often lead members to perform aggressive actions after their belief and faith have been won by those in charge. Through incorporating younger persons, those with fragile minds and similar individuals, the leader is able to tear apart lives through pushing them into behavior and events they are not prepared for or would usually engage in.

There are several cults throughout the world that seek to warp the minds of those that become members. The charm and charisma that exudes from the leader captures devotion and belief that he or she will provide the need that must be fulfilled. That he or she will give the love and direction most desperately wanted is one reason these individuals remain. However, when a person has been incorporated into a cult, he or she has been torn from his or her family and his or her life has been uprooted. The lives of the followers are ripped to shreds when they are unable to contact friends, family and remain within society.

Cult activity is often illegal and ends in violence or aggressive actions. When this occurs, the members that take part could end up in jail, have criminal charges issued and they may need to relocate to keep out of prison systems. If law enforcement is contacted and infiltrates the cult, those targeted may face criminal charges and go to trial. Additionally, others that remain peaceful are emotionally and psychosocially scarred when the cult is revealed to be something other than what was believed by the fragile minded or emotionally delicate. Then, it often takes years to recover from these organizations.

The Activities explained

There are different types of cults with varying degrees of activity and actions by members. Some of these are violent, others may eventually become violent when the leader is no longer rational or the devotion to a person or object has been threatened. The peaceful commune becomes an army, and when the battle commences, several of the individuals within the cult may be cut down to protect the leader or when attacking law enforcement or a criminal organization. If families exist within these cults, they are torn apart. Equally, friends and those considered family will die in front of each other when these actions occur.

Other less obvious acts occur within a cult as with many other organizations that do not screen members carefully. Those that feel they have power are able to abuse others they have determined as weak. To exert this power, the abusers will physically or sexually harm others within the cult. These wounds are deep, and recovery often takes years if it is even possible. The younger the member and the longer the abuse occurs, the greater the damage inflicted. This creates deep seated problems that are difficult to resolve even with counseling. However, sometimes the victim is able to overthrow the abuser.

Looking to the Future

Getting over the actions of the cult is difficult even for those that understand everything they were subjected to within the organization. Much of this is due to the deceptions fed to each member throughout the course of time. There are often moments where each person is disassociated, manipulated and abused in varying degrees. Because cults and the leaders attract individuals through falsehoods, the truth behind these lies is not revealed until so much time passes. The commune may truly have those willing to make new friendships, to offer relief from stress, love and comfort, but the nefarious goals of the leader often outweigh these in the long-term.

Moving beyond these issues is difficult when the members have been abused through manipulation and deceit. Sometimes these issues last for years, and the emotional stability and psychological mind frame depend on the lies and words of the leader. He or she is able to convince the members that he or she is the only person that may provide the faith they need. The belief system is altered to what this leader wants, and the fanaticism of every member is often disturbing. Through charm and subterfuge, the cult is pushed towards believing certain practices and engaging in behavior.

Moving on through Criminal Justice

When law enforcement and the legal system become involved in cult concerns, it may be possible to issue criminal charges when there is enough evidence to push the leader or other members to court. Then, the abused may find justice through these criminal convictions and sentencing for those responsible.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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