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greenWhat Does a Sufferance Tenancy Mean?

Tenancies usually have a specified term, such as one year, two years or five years. Sufferance tenancy has to do with the type of tenancy that exists when this term expires. Landlords who rent property to tenants should take care to understand their rights and responsibilities when these terms expire.

greenLemon Laws in California

     By Neale & Fhima, LLP
What exactly is a lemon and what protections does the state of California provide consumers? Fortunately for consumers, the Song-Beverly Act is a strong protection for consumer rights.

greenA Letter of Guarantee: An Insight into Egyptian Law

A letter of guarantee is a type of a contract issued by a bank on behalf of a customer who has entered into a contract to purchase goods from a supplier and promises to meet any financial obligations to the supplier in the event of the default. The main purpose of this product is to guarantee payment to the beneficiary regardless of any objection or contestation from any other party.

greenDrones and Privacy in Turkey

We had remote controlled cars when we were kids. By the time, we started seeing toys such as remote controlled aircraft, boats and helicopters buzzing around. Nowadays, commercial and leisure “unmanned aerial systems” also publicly known as “drones” have become the fashion and started to be used widely.

greenABLE Accounts for Families with Special Needs

Families who have children with special needs often try to plan ahead to anticipate the needs of the child with disabilities. It is often very costly to provide for the basic needs of a child in this situation. However, parents who take steps to try to safeguard resources for their disabled child’s use may wind up causing a child to lose benefits. ABLE accounts may be able to fill in the gap for these families.

greenSpouse in Long-Term Care and the Need to Update Estate Plan

There are certain times when individuals need to update their estate planning documents like their will, trust or power of attorney designations. Many individuals are familiar with common times, like when they get married or have children. However, another important time to update an estate plan is if a person’s spouse has started to receive long-term care.

greenImportance of Naming Contingent Beneficiaries in Estate Planning Documents

Beneficiaries may be named in a number of estate planning documents. A named beneficiary often helps assets to transfer outside the probate process, saving time and money in the process. Failing to name a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary can cause significant issues in an estate plan.

greenOne in Three Women Say They Were Sexually Harassed at Work, But Most Don’t Report It—Why?

Lately, many people are saying that Hollywood has a sexual harassment problem. That may be true, but it raises a larger issue: does every industry have a sexual harassment problem?

blueFiling a Claim for Asbestos Non-Occupational Exposure

Asbestos exposure is the cause of multiple diseases such as mesothelioma or asbestosis. This mineral which occurs naturally in the environment has been exploited for decades before its devastating effects were revealed.

blueAvoiding the Dangers of Asbestos Exposure in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

This year, we have witnessed several severe natural disasters that caused significant material loss. Apart from the immediate destruction and distress, these natural occurrences cause significant long-term damage too.

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