When Should You Contact an Asbestos Lawyer?

Filing a claim for asbestos exposure is a complex matter. If you want to make the most out of your case and avoid the hurdles of the legal system, you should work with an experienced lawyer.

Someone who has proven expertise in asbestos litigation can help you gather the necessary evidence and file the claim on your behalf. An asbestos lawyer knows better than anyone how these personal injury claims should be presented in court or how to negotiate with the defendants in case of settlement. Asbestos cases are usually time-sensitive, so victims should get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. Are you still in doubt about whether you should seek legal support or not? Here are some questions that will help you understand where you’re currently at and how soon you should contact an asbestos lawyer.

Have You Been Diagnosed with One of These Conditions?

Asbestos is a toxic mineral that has been deployed for decades across multiple industries for its strong insulation capacity. Despite its efficiency as an insulator, asbestos poses major health risks because its thin particles can easily beinhaled, and they cause permanent damage. Those who have been exposed to this material for long periods are at high risks of developing various conditions such as:

• mesothelioma
• asbestosis
• lung cancer
• diffuse pleural thickening
• pleural plaques
• laryngeal cancer
• Ovarian Cancer

How Long Ago Were You Diagnosed?

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, it’s imperative that you reach out to a legal representative as soon as possible. Your right to file a claim is limited by the statute of limitations which applies in the state where you want to bring your claim. If you wait for too long, bringing your claim might become hard or even impossible. The statute of limitations varies from one to three years and the clock starts ticking the day you receive your diagnosis. An experienced asbestos lawyer will be able to tell you what deadline applies to your case and how much time you’ve got to gather the evidence and file.

Have Your Former Work Colleagues Filled Claims for Asbestos Exposure?

If you have been affected by asbestos after years of working in a factory or a shipyard where this substance was deployed, chances are that your former colleagues share the same fate. Consequently, you have the option to file together against your former employer who caused your exposure. In legal terms, this is called mass tort litigation. Asbestos litigation is the most significant mass tort in our country’s history. Mass torts are civil actions that include a large number of plaintiffs who bring a claim against the same defendant or defendants on similar grounds. If you happen to find out that some of your ex-colleagues have started legal actions for their exposure, you might want to follow their steps and claim your own rights.

If you have suffered from asbestos exposure and developed a correlated disease, you should benefit from your right to file a claim. Do reach out to a lawyer even if you consider that your chances of getting an award are low. An asbestos lawyer is the only one who can evaluate your case objectively and tell you how much your claim might be worth so don’t hesitate to ask for support.

Gary Anderson has a vast experience in asbestos litigation, toxic torts, FELA railroad injuries, community exposure, CERCLA claims, vaccinations, pharmaceutical litigation, and a wide range of class action suits. Moreover, he has also represented lots of people in BP oil spill cases. Mr. Anderson is very dedicated to his job and he knows how important it is to act quickly and efficiently to ensure positive outcomes for clients.

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