Airbnb Is Asking for User Verification - Is this a Violation of My Privacy?

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The ability to authenticate an account is important for many businesses, and this could involve possible complications when a mass of members dispute these processes due to privacy and confidentiality issues. However, if the terms and conditions have been agreed to, the company website may have the ability to impose these restrictions based on the conditions explained.

Airbnb has a process that permits the owner or landlord of a property to ensure that authentication of the individual that will stay is provided with a Driverís license or passport photo. Many may feel this is an invasion of privacy or could lead to identity theft or similar problems. However, many websites have started using various processes of authenticating the user or person that will be utilizing the services of the site. These are valid procedures, and the individual or user is not able to dispute the method unless he or she decides to not use the online location. For traveling, the authentication may involve added security to ensure the right person arrives and has booked the property.

Privacy policies are used to ensure the correct person is using a credit card or other payment method. For Airbnb, this may be one of the issues with using a new authentication protocol through a Driverís License or passport. The picture provided ensures the individual that arrives is who has booked, and the identification information is then compared to the payment method. If the individual feels this is too much of an invasion of privacy, he or she has the option to contact the network administrator, but this may prove fruitless if the website owner or company feels the authentication protocols are necessary.

Terms and Conditions

When signing up with Airbnb, there are certain conditions and terms that users must accept based on the login and use of website. The Privacy Policy is part of the authentication factor that is necessary with the photo identification. This data is stored through SSL or secure socket layer encryption within the system. Verification is only necessary once, but if it has been requested by the user selling the service, the user requesting the location must comply. Only those authorized employees of Airbnb have access to the original documentation supplied, and this is used for troubleshooting and internal purposes only.
Any third-party partners comply with Privacy Policy stipulations of storing information as per written instructions. Hosts may require guests to complete the Verified IP process within the website, but this is not mandatory. However, to use this service, the guest must use the process through Airbnb to verify the identification of who he or she is. When the request has been made, the guest must comply or find a host that does not mandate this use of the service. However, when the terms and conditions of the website are accepted, there is no cause for action or any pursuable act against the website or host in usual circumstances.

Paying Guests and the Host

To protect the host from possible fraud, guests that violate the terms of use with the website and other complications, the Airbnb website has initiated the ability for the host to verify the identity of the guests that will stay at the property. This is a service of the companyís website, and it is in line with the terms and conditions that users agree to and accept as part of the service offered. It is important that fraudulent credit card and other payment method activity is prohibited, and through facial recognition with a photo ID, it is possible to reduce these crimes as much as possible.

Privacy of Guests

While the services of guest verification may appear an invasion of privacy, the information and ID are kept confidential unless a host requests this to authenticate the individual. Then, only the host that will have the guest at his or her residence will see the photo to ensure the right person has booked the location. The privacy of the guests is still kept, and information remains private other than to the single host. The secured website protects the identity and ensures a more quality stay.

Legal Help with Airbnb

Unless there is a data breach, these privacy protection procedures are in line with already in use practices with other website and legal transactions. However, if the information is stolen or used by another user, it is important to contact the network admin and a lawyer for help.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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