Role of Tariffs on Trade in China

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Trade with China for imports and exports is affected by tariffs within the country and internationally. For the arrangements and deals with the United States, the Trump Administration has increased tariffs for imported goods form the location by 25 percent, and this could affect whether the country continues business with America.

Based on various factors of importing goods from China, tariffs have been imposed that affect the country and trading with the American country. With this increase of tariffs for imported foreign goods, the price of the products will increase and could lead to China backing out on various business interactions and arrangements with clients in the country. The increase in products is carried over to the citizens, and this often results in fewer goods sold. While this could benefit United States businesses that are harmed by lower costs in machinery, furniture and similar items, other markets do not benefit in a similar fashion.

Free trade and various international agreements are affected by imposing tariffs for one country. The idea is that by imposing these tariffs on competitive products to Chinese exports to the country, it is possible to bring back jobs and increase profits for the United States. This was considered a fair and efficient way to accomplish these goals. However, higher costs for imported goods in this manner could harm businesses that need materials from the country or that resell products after purchase at a higher cost for profit. When the resources incur additional fees, these price hikes are pushed onto the American consumer

Effects of Tariffs

Some tariffs have beneficial effects on the marketplace by decreasing foreign goods that are imported, and this increases the possibility of domestic goods being purchased at a higher rate. However, if resources are imported due to cost and availability, the tariffs harm local businesses when the expense increases. That leads to a greater price hike for the country’s consumers overall. The desired effect of these fees could transpire with more domestic purchases, but the true effects usually take time and research into the matter to fully realize what has happened. It is important to have an expert in economic matters to advice and explain these concerns
Free trade is part of the economic theory, and it states that these activities are beneficial to all countries involved in the marketplace. The distribution of wealth of products may have been affected by a tariff based on labor, capital concerns and natural resources available. When trade is more open, the demand for abundant items often increases. However, closing off trade may alter these matters so only those with enough wealth to obtain the products are able to acquire them. Other factors affect how these matters work to include employment and local laws and regulations for manufacture, distribution and sales of products.

Trade with China

To ensure open and competitive trade is possible with other countries, fewer tariffs and impositions by the government are necessary for imports and exports. These fees may affect the Chinese companies as much as those involved in making deals for products and materials. However, the effect on domestic prices and changes in purchases for the United States products may be next to nil depending on the goods and elasticity of foreign exports and the elements surrounding them. In these terms, any increase in domestic purchases is counterbalanced by the decrease in purchases of exports from a foreign country. This effectively makes the tariff useless.

Experts in economic matters are consulted with frequency in these trades, and they generally attempt to detail how tariffs are useless when the impact is balanced entirely. The attempt to increase domestic purchases is wasted by the slight change in imported purchases by China. Even when there are domestic substitutes available, some will still seek the imported goods at a lower cost or due to brand loyalty. With enough research into economic concerns, it may be determined that different measures are better suited to these matters. Then, the Administration should seek alternatives to deal with Chinese trade arrangements. The exporting of goods from China as increased exponentially since 2001, and the country is a world power.

Legal Help with Tariffs

When violations against tariffs and similar concerns occur, it is important to hire a lawyer to understand what has occurred and how to fight it. A lawyer is necessary when facing criminal or civil charges in court in most instances, and the legal representative will work hard on behalf of the client.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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