Shift in the Global Trade of Semiconductors

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Shifts in various types of global trade occur with frequency depending on numerous factors surrounding the events of these changes, and this could lead to different trade agreements or complications. Production of semiconductors may be threatened by China surpassing the United States in production of these products.

There are a variety of sections and statutes within the law that permit the President a greater authority over certain measures taken with imports, experts and products. These powers permit the ability to impose protective tariffs, for import quotas or even tariff rate quotas on only specific imported items that could affect national security and harm the United States industries. When these products are manufactured and distributed in greater numbers overseas, this could harm the economy of America and lead to complications for the market. Then, more tariffs and additional fees could be attached to these semiconductors.

For steel products and items manufactured from this material, investigations have already been initiated by the Administration. This could mean a tariff rate quota imposed for certain steel products to include those related to semiconductors. The shift in global trade could harm manufacturing, sales and trade and distribution of these items throughout the world. If the product is created through cheaper means in greater numbers by China, fewer countries may consider purchasing them from the United States. This may also lead to a larger tariff placed on the same product being imported into the country from China and other locations.

The Effects of Market Shifts

When a market is saturated with a specific product, the price usually falls due to the demand being lower than the availability of the item. Even when the manufactured object is used by military personnel, it may be cheaper from foreign locations. Then, if the idea of the country is to keep the product purchases domestic, it is important to effect a change. The shift in the market may lead to further complications if the ramifications are not considered fully. Import tariffs are often only a temporary measure, and other permanent protocols may need to affect the shift.

Economy experts are often best hired to explain and provide advice on the shifts of the market. If semiconductors are more readily available from foreign manufacturers, then locations around the world may purchase them in greater numbers when the price and quality are better options. While a single nation may increase or create tariffs against a country that offers these, this does not solve the problem of sales from this location throughout the global market. Then, the shift in the marketplace for this product causes one company or country to have a greater hold on sales. Competitive pricing is affected, and consumers may later face a hike in costs.

Unnecessary Product Sales and the Global Trade

Through applying various factors against products that are sold around the world, some items become unnecessary. A true shift in the market for some objects occurs when technology either changes or advances. This occurs often throughout the ages such as when the cassette tape was outdated through the use of CDs. Similar actions could occur if an item replaces the semiconductors purchased by military organizations. Either the shift in the global market occurs because the product becomes unnecessary or the item is built cheaper with greater quality by another global power. Then, any tariffs or fees applied to imports only harm the United States in international trade.

Shifts Away from United States Trade

When the Administration attempts to correct cheaper or a greater number of sales with a product in a specific country, it is possible that other global partners leave the trade agreements with the United States because of the actions of the other location. With China involved in the manufacture of semiconductors, the military world and other organizations that utilize these products could terminate deals and arrangements with the United States. This would shift trade away from the country and increase sales and other deals with China, and this could heighten the marketplace for that nation to increase possible sales of other products.

Legal Help in Global Trade

When a shift is possible through other countries offering the same products, it is important for the Administration to hire a legal team for advice and a course of action. This may permit the authoritative powers to remain incompliance with the Federal Trade Agreement and other rules and laws that affect international sales, exports and imports. Legal help is often necessary to decrease violations.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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