Medical Marijuana: A Growing Industry

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For states where marijuana is legal as a medicinal alternative or the only necessary drug, the industry is growing far past what was estimated initially. The use of this substance for pain and other symptoms for ailments is widespread for the states that have legalized use, and the industry keeps growing based on the need for various substitutes to current pain medication.

New Frontier Data has completed a report that projected from information gathered and supplied from research that by 2020, the legal market for cannabis will assist in creating over 250,000 jobs for American citizens. These jobs may eventually replace manufacturing, utility and government jobs of similar products. With the increase in automation and autonomous work that has substituted the human by machine, the need to increase the workforce is pressing. Some industries are booming, and growing markets are emerging from changes in the law, consumer mores and the ethics behind various practices. Through law changes and new alternatives, jobs may become available the more states and the nation adjust to progress.

Medical and legal marijuana are both possible in Colorado, and it has provided both jobs and revenue to entire cities in the state. As the industry grows within these locations, it is possible to revitalize the road systems, other businesses within town and increase what jobs are available. The market for legal cannabis sales and consumption was over $7 billion in 2016, and there is a possible projected seventeen percent growth estimated for the near future. For the medical community, the sales grossed near $5 in 2016, and this amount may increase to over $13 in four short years to 2020.

Legalized Medical Marijuana

The research into drugs has yielded significant support that various herbs, natural remedies and similar products are possible through utilizing what has been deemed illegal when provided for medical purposes. While many individuals consume, smoke and abuse marijuana, the medical benefits outweigh the concept that the drug is bad for the human body. This is garnered from study and careful analysis along with over 25 states joining in legalizing the substance for medicine. Turning the taboo into profit and a pain reliever has been a great boost to the economy of these states. This keeps the industry booming and jobs increasing.

The CEO of New Frontier Data that has initiated research and examination into the drug explained the numbers do actually confirm that marijuana is a driving force for the economy and medical industry. It creates jobs, and helps foster creativity. As the economy in general is in a decline with revenue, jobs and projects, the cannabis manufacturer and use for medical properties has helped reduce the decline for the states that permit the legalization. It has been projected that this drug may provide over 300,000 jobs by 2020 from legal and recreational use and distribution.

Medical Marijuana Potential

As more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, there are more funds available for the cities and towns. Legal violations are cut from those smoking or consuming the substance and this frees up taxes and other fees for incarcerating individuals that have been caught with the drug. This may promote the hiring of thousands and redirect the laws towards more aggressive individuals that may injure or kill others. By focusing on improving the economy in this manner, it is possible to create further breakthroughs in the medical field and increase efficiency with drugs. The potential for quality living is apparent.

Changing the laws to permit medical marijuana throughout the United States will require a change through federal laws so the drug is no longer considered illegal for all states. The state change to legalize the medicinal use may prompt the federal government to change the legislation so that the medical marijuana industry may create jobs for everyone in the country. This would redirect the Drug Enforcement Administration towards harder and more harmful drugs. With fewer criminals captured for lesser drugs and offenses, resources may be put to better use. More individuals are permitted to grow marijuana for medicinal use with state laws permitting the practice and the federal government complying with these permissions.

Legal Help with Medical Marijuana

Because this substance is not legal throughout the entire country, it is possible for police to arrest an individual that is manufacturing or growing the drug for a medical facility. If the person has been arrested for these practices, it is important that a lawyer is hired to help with the matter.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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