Drug Company Priced a Life-Saving Drug Out of My Budget. Do I Have a Lawsuit?

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Drugs for various diseases may save the lives of those with these ailments, and when the drug companies hike the prices to amounts that are not payable by the average person, the victims in these actions may be able to pursue a case. It is important to hire a lawyer to determine if there is sufficient information, evidence and material to attempt to litigate.

Pharmaceutical companies are often changing the deals with medication that is traded or sold to various outlets and vendors. When these pills or substances are created to save lives and either cure the condition or manage the symptoms, it is important that it may be purchased through insurance or within an affordable amount by the average person seeking to buy. However, sometimes the drugs are priced over what the consumer is able to pay or changed in the drug lists for an insurance company and may not be purchased through the policy. This then could lead to someone dying due to inaccessibility to the medication.

Sometimes, the drug company is not behind these changes. If this is the case, another party may be responsible for the price hike or the alteration to the insurance drug list. It is crucial to hire a lawyer to build a case and determine who is liable for the damages if the client is able to collect and what other factors may have been involved in the claim. Sometimes the drug company that researched and developed the medicine will donate funds to help build a case when the lifesaving medicine cannot be purchased. Then, the true culprit needs to be discovered and held accountable.

Denial of the Cure

When treatment has been denied to the individual with an illness, he or she may have recourse through the Medicaid or Medicare programs. However, the medication must be supplied through and applied with these medical policies. This may lead to a course of action where the patient or family of someone sick is seeking to change the program. Some drug companies assist with these matters because of the money they could gain from a successful case. When Medicaid is forced to cover expensive treatments, the drug companies are able to keep the medication at the same high price.

Some of the changes needed involve insurance coverage and medical programs that work with the drug companies so that the patient or family is able to purchase the medication at cheaper amounts. Sometimes persons must make drug companies aware that the focus should be shifted from covering symptoms to researching a cure. The drug industry and all vendors supplied with pills and substances have been working on providing medication to the American people for decades, but the focus has shifted away from the cure. When individuals are only buying something to stop the ailment from progressing, eventually those with less money won’t be able to purchase the treatment.

Advocating Lower Costs

While the problem exists where the costs are exorbitant, fighting these issues through cures rather than treatment is not possible for those in severe need of the medication. However, finding advocates that will fight for lower costs in medication may be possible. There are various authorities in the United States that attempt to negotiate and communicate with drug companies to lower the costs through insurance or with private funding. At the most extreme, it may be possible to beseech the federal or state governments to attempt to find some affordable resolution to the constant problem. This may only be possible if the
pharmaceutical companies do not hold the government responsible for providing the loss in revenue.

Prevention as a Solution

Many authorities that are in power explain that taking measures to prevent disease and illness will solve these problems with treatment and medication. However, for numerous persons in the country, these conditions are hereditary or acquired when all possible measures are already taken. There are various ways to avoid illness, but the body is only so capable of averting sickness and disease. Then, medicine is necessary and the high costs could result in problems.

Legal Assistance in Medication Costs

Sometimes, it is possible to file suit against a company that has raised prices for drugs or removed them from insurance coverage because the cost is too high. It is important to seek the assistance of a lawyer to determine if a claim against the pharmaceutical entity is possible.

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