Dealership Added Unpaid Parking Tickets to my Lease Contract – Can They Do That?

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When a person that has entered into a deal to obtain a vehicle through a dealership has his or her unpaid parking tickets added to the amount of the financed loan, he or she may be forced to pay them through the company. Some states permit the arrangements to ensure that the tickets are paid for at some point even if it is with a new agreement through a dealership.

Parking tickets are received by those that have parked in the wrong place, have parked at a building with restrictive parking or that have taken a place that is illegal. Traffic violations through parking tickets are received through law enforcement. While some buildings may have internal security that may issue a ticket, these are often only valid at that specific location. However, when a policeperson has issued one of these, it may be retained until it has been paid. The local county, city or state may transfer the ticket to another medium based on the laws and regulations of the area.

The information that is provided when a person received a parking ticket is available throughout the state, and it may be used in conjunction with other vehicle arrangements such as a purchase or lease of another car. Unless the auto deal is a private trade or exchange, some cities do have certain situations where the parking tickets a person accrues may be transferred to the dealership to add to the lease or financing amount. This usually occurs when no arrangement has been made to pay the tickets or they are outstanding and have been increasing through penalties and fees.

The Lease with a Car Dealership

When entering into a lease with a car dealership, the vital details of the agreement are available online and go through several databases before the arrangements are complete. If the state or city has certain regulations or ordinances that affect these dealings, it is possible for additional financial burdens to add to the financing agreement. This often depends greatly on the state and the local law enforcement. If outstanding parking tickets are not flagged in the system, the individual may coast through without any complications. However, when all documentation is up to date, he or she may find additional amounts added to the lease agreement for financing.

Many states have no rules or laws that bind law enforcement tickets and fines to any other deals. There is no connection between the two even if the person has the same vehicle identification information attached to a new arrangement or vehicle. However, some states connect tolls to the driver’s license and others connect tickets for traffic and parking violations in the same manner. It is important to know the laws governing each state when living or making financial deals. It is often essential to contact a lawyer to determine if the arrangement is legal in the state, as the dealership may have engaged in underhanded or shady business practices.

Fighting Parking Tickets

When the parking tickets have been added to a dealership arrangement, it is often too late to fight them, as they’ve become part of the lease agreement and financing. However, if there is the possibility that the driver may face this situation, it is imperative to contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles and fight any parking tickets that are not valid. Some states do not have laws that permit the dealership to add these to the lease and financial arrangements. If the local area does not have explicit permission, the customer may need to contact a lawyer.

Legality of Adding Parking Tickets

When the state has initiated regulations to ensure that outstanding traffic violations are taken care of by those that have broken the law or violated traffic safety, it is legal for these locations to add such amounts to new dealership leasing. The situation must adhere to laws in the city and state, and the outstanding parking tickets are usually only added when the individual has made no contact over several months. The fees and penalties may add up and then transfer to a situation where they are paid to the state.

Lawyer Assistance in Parking Tickets

Before pursuing action against a dealership, it is crucial to determine if the state permits the parking ticket amounts to transfer to a lease or financing arrangement. Hiring a lawyer is the first step. Then, the individual may continue if the action is not legal in the state or city.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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