Injured at Work? 10 Steps You Need To Take

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When people are injured at work, they are often too scared to file for a workers’ compensation claim because they are worried that they will be fired. It is important for you to know that it is illegal for your employer to fire you in retaliation to you filing a workers’ compensation claim.

So if you’re ever injured at work, it is important that you preserve your rights and maximize your claim by doing the following:

Report the injury as soon as possible. You need to establish that your injury occurred at work. Tell your supervisor when, where, why, and how you were injured.

Ask your supervisor to write an accident report. If your supervisor refuses, write your
own report, and send it to your supervisor. If you can have your supervisor sign or stamp it, even better.

Write an accident report yourself. Be as detailed as possible and include witness information.

Keep records. Get and save a copy of the accident report. Keep a record of anytime you speak with someone related to your injury (bosses, supervisors adjustors, doctors, etc.).

Visit the company doctor. By seeing the company doctor, your injury looks work related. Make sure your doctor knows your injury is work related.

Clearly explain to the doctor how you were injured at work. Tell your doctor when, where, why, and how you were injured. Report any and all feelings of pain, numbness, and tingling. If the doctor isn’t taking enough notes, send the doctor a written statement about your injury and save a copy.

Follow your doctor’s advice. Make sure you are treated properly by following the doctor’s advice.

Record and keep your doctor’s orders. Make sure to get your doctor’s orders in writing and to abide by them.

Send all medical bills to your employer. You are not responsible for your medical bills when you visit the company doctor. Make sure all medical bills go to your employer.

Seek the help of a skilled and personable attorney. If you’ve been denied benefits for time missed from work because of an injury you suffered at work you should consult an attorney. Workers’ compensation claims can be complex and intimidating if you handle them on your own. A qualified attorney can help you receive the benefits you deserve for the injury you suffered.

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West Covina car accident law office, Lem Garcia Law, was opened to give people who were injured in a car accident a place to turn when they need help the most. I am a lifelong resident of West Covina and my goal is to help the area as much as I can. I am the youngest of three boys and the son of an engineer and hairstylist. I went to public schools in West Covina and went to college at Cal Poly Pomona. I went to law school in Western State University College of Law. I believe that by helping injured victims, I am making a difference in their lives.

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