How to Acquire a Permanent Resident Card for the United States?

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Moving to the United States is either increasingly difficult or a moderately hard accomplishment for a foreign national. These factors are dependent on the federal government laws and regulations that affect foreign citizens based on what is believed a good or bad idea.

Acquiring permanent residency in the United States is not as difficult for those immigrants with a special status. This is discovered in individuals with highly specialized skills, knowledge in a particular field and who are able to invest half a million into a company. Someone with enough funds to create a business that promotes the hiring of over ten United States citizens could acquire a permanent resident card when these elements are proven to the immigration offices. Others may seek sponsorship with a company that could, after so much time, lead to permanent residence in the country.

The Designations

There are several designations that exist that could provide opportunities for increased speed in acquiring a permanent resident card. These are separated in classes based on skills, special knowledge and expertise, investment into a company, employee sponsorship and training or education. If the immigrant is in any of these classes, he or she may receive special dispensation through the immigration offices by an authority. The paperwork process and interview usually happen quickly and the foreign national may see the process complete in a few short months. However, it could take up to a year or longer.

The Green Card

Permanent residence in the United States may start with the green card. This is a type of visa that provides most provisions that an American citizen has. However, the foreign national generally needs five years before he or she may apply for citizenship. The green card does not protect against deportation, give rights for voting or allow government benefits. However, this is often the first step for permanent residency in the country. These are frequently acquired by someone that is already working in the country with a company. Sponsorship and the permanent visa could lead to legal residency.

For those of great influence, a green card or sponsorship is less difficult to obtain. Investments with a company of at least $500,000 garner a foreign national a spot in one of the designated classes. These same individuals may have the ability to create a new company. The business must hire at least ten different United States citizens for these spots in acquiring permanent residency. Investments into the company and revenue garnered from business interactions should increase the economic market prospects for the country. Additionally, these business owners will need to ensure they are the primary income source and have power over decisions to remain in the country until a green card is possible

Relative and Spousal Sponsorship

Another way to acquire a permanent resident card is for a relative to sponsor the individual. This person must be a United States citizen or an already lawful permanent resident. Proof is necessary for authorities that both are related. Documentation needs to prove that the individual sponsoring the foreign national may acquire support from the relative at no less than 125 percent above the country’s poverty line. These sponsors may be spouses, married or unmarried children and may sponsor similar individuals. There is a specific file that needs completion, and this is a Petition for Alien Relative as well as an Affidavit of Support.

One of the most common methods of seeking permanent residence in the United States is through marriage to a citizen of the country. These relationships must have valid backgrounds with real circumstances. Any attempt to defraud the government by a fake situation could result in deportation, criminal charges and fines. An agent of the immigration offices will review the case, interview both spouses and keep in contact to ensure the marriage is legitimate. In some cases, the agent will determine that the relationship is fake when it is real. However, there are multiple steps in these claims, and the pair may seek legal help to prove their commitment and genuine marriage.

Legal Support in Permanent Residency

Some foreign nationals are sponsored through a company, others seek ways through family or a spouse. However, immigration offices will test these associations. Time is necessary before any permanent visas are issued, and all factors are investigated in usual circumstances. Experts generally recommend a lawyer to ensure the rights of the client are protected. Documentation and other processes may complete without violating laws with legal support.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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