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Truck accidents don't just involve larger vehicles, the insurance policies and stakeholders pulled into the cases can often be more complicated than a car accident case.

A truck crash can be devastating for victims and their families due to the size of the vehicles involved.

A truck crash case that Justin McMinn represented in 2015 became famous in Austin for the viral video that captured the accident. In the video, a gravel truck could be seen careening down a steep hill on 2222. In this case, the truck never should have been out on the road, and
the driver never should have been behind the wheel.

In this case, the gravel truck lost use of its brakes while driving. In the dash cam video that captured the crash, viewers can see that the truck pulled over momentarily to the side of the road, and later was seen going down the hill at a high rate of speed, crashing into several other vehicles and crossing the entire four way intersection.

Not all crashes appear as severe or are caught on video like the 2222 gravel truck crash. However, many do involve many parties like this one. We're discussing this case because it can serve as a great example of how quickly a truck crash can necessitate the assistance of an expert attorney to recover maximum fair compensation.

The client of McMinn Law Firm suffered serious life altering injuries. During discovery in this case, we found that the driver was far from having a clean record. The company who hired the driver, and their insurance policy could be held responsible for hiring a dangerous driver.

Other factors could have played a role in causing a crash. In cases like these the owner of the freight (gravel) could have acted negligently by falsely representing the weight of the freight. A vehicle maintenance or inspection company could have failed to do their duty to make sure that the truck was safe to drive before allowing it back out onto the road. The list could go on.

Hiring a highly skilled personal injury attorney that specializes in Truck Accident cases, will ensure that the attorney you hire and their legal staff understand the nuances that can be particular. Every case is unique, so it is important to hire an attorney who has a deep understanding of truck accident law in your area.

When looking for competent representation for a truck accident case, remember that it may not be simple. Find a lawyer with extensive experience securing the maximum fair compensation in truck accident cases.

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