Evaluating a Settlement Offer in a Pennsylvania Car Accident Case

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Before a settlement finalizes with an acceptance, it is critical to evaluate it through a lawyer or expert to determine if all appropriate funds are part of the consideration. In a Pennsylvania car accident case, the parties involved may include insurance agencies and the drivers of each vehicle in the collision and any lawyers hired by these individuals.

Many accidents involve a settlement outside of a courtroom. This leads to a case that does not see the inside of a court or filter through a judge. However, this may provide opportunity to cut costs and reduce expenses. A lawyer is almost always necessary for any settlements. It is not recommended to face these situations alone. If a lawyer is part of the proceedings, another is essential for negotiations. If the insurance agency attempts to settle the matter without negotiating the amount, this could involve a lowball offer. The tempting offer may entice the injured to settle early, but he or she should wait out until a lawyer evaluates the value.

Ignoring the Initial Offer

Negotiations and initial settlement offers come from the insurance agency. An agent dispatched for the incident will evaluate the collision, damage and injuries. He or she will report back with an estimate. The offer that follows is generally too low for consideration. This is not often acceptable, but it could start negotiations for a true settlement. It is important to have the lawyer available during these proceedings so the injured does not take less than the necessary amount to recover from the collision. The lawyers in Pennsylvania will focus on the best possible compensation based on the injuries and other factors involved.

The Value of Injuries

The complex issue of injuries and their value may provide more or less compensation. The treatment and specific injuries may alter what settlement is possible. Any surgery, invasive procedures and expensive medication could increase the amount awarded. Additional factors may affect the award such as age, income, lack of work and pain and suffering. The damage to the vehicle may increase a settlement with an insurance agency. Some life situations may require additional compensation such as enjoyment of life and the need for bill payment. The lawyer usually calculates all factors and presents the client with the rough number expected.

Some incidents may have a specific dollar range without any other elements involved. However, the calculation could take time to discover based on the location and jury participating. Evaluating the evidence becomes necessary. Then, the lawyer may need to apply non-economic damages and other life-altering situations. A loss of income through lack of work usually becomes part of the procedure. Some employers may fire the individual because he or she cannot work. Disability and workers’ compensation could kick in to assist in these situations. All of these factors add to the compensation and may increase the amount expected.

Settlement Offers and the Value

Before anything accepted by the victim is possible, the settlement requires valuation. A professional should perform this service to protect the client. Most often, this is a lawyer. In Pennsylvania, the car accident lawyer may need to investigate the entire incident before the value of the settlement is apparent. This often takes time and communication with the insurance agency. If the adjuster contacts expecting an answer, the victim needs to contact the lawyer before any information exchanges hands. Many individuals face negative consequences when they accept an offer without filtering it through a legal representative. These professionals work hard to ensure the best possible settlement is available.

Legal Services in Pennsylvania Car Accidents

The motivation to settle the matter is pressing by the insurance agency. The adjuster and management want to end the situation as quickly as possible. When the lowball offer is sent, the company expects an acceptance soon. However, this person should contact a lawyer to assist in evaluating what value is attached to the settlement. Various factors are a part of the event. These may include family and other passengers in the collision. However, pain and suffering, medical conditions and physical
damage to the car are primary concerns.

The lawyer will communicate directly with the insurance company. He or she may explain that any contact should filter through his or her experience and advice. Any phone calls should go through him or her to ensure that the insurance carrier does not negatively affect the victim of the accident. Then, the best compensation possible may transfer to the injured party.

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