Washington DC Child Custody Arrangement Options

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Child custody arrangements are often difficult to manage when both parents are attempting to acquire primary custody. There are diverse options available based on the circumstances, and the divorced or separated couple should research and understand each before proceeding through a court.

Custody arrangements depend heavily upon the school schedule and factors of the family. In Washington D.C., these same elements are present. The issues regarding custody rely on the schedules of children and school year activities. Some parents have the child for the primary portion of the year if the father or mother lives far away. Then, custody interchanges for weekends, summers or holidays. It is important to follow various rules about these processes and ensure no violations occur that could revoke custody or visitation for a father or mother. Additionally, these matters may change if the courts involvement is necessary.

Flexibility of the Parent

When the father or mother does not live in the same city or state as the primary custody holder, certain arrangements may change. It is important for the secondary custody holder to remain flexible if he or she wants to remain a significant part of the childís life. The best situations during the school year could require added modifications when summer arrives. During the summer, the youth could move in with the father or mother and then return during education. Or, another option may present itself if there are summer camps, friends and others involved in these processes.

Alternating between parents is difficult for the child, but each parent must understand this. The best circumstances for sons and daughters requires consideration. Being flexible to these wishes and desires is important. The mother and father may need to send the youth to the other parent for nurturing and care or for certain life lessons. For instances of joint custody, it is crucial that both parents realize that the otherís influence is also important. Sometimes, it is possible to accomplish these arrangements without a court. However, it is still essential to have a lawyer to assist in resolving any conflict.

Stays with a Parent

Custody arrangements are often detailed documents that specify how many nights provided to each parent may occur. Other paperwork could include particular dates the mother or father has custody. This may lead to splitting special holidays or birthdays. When the courts must specify these details, the parents need to adhere or face legal consequences. Through negotiations with the lawyer, it is possible to increase or decrease the days depending on factors. When the school year provides one parent more time, the other could compensate this through weekend and summer periods.

Custody and Extra-Curriculars

Children involved in clubs, organizations and other extra-curriculars may require parents to remain even more flexible. With a father or mother encouraging this behavior, it is possible to nurture certain activities and promote positive influences. Some of these obligations include fixed aspects to a time table or schedule. Many extra-curriculars are sports, band or clubs that take time. Some have field trips or travels that require time away from home. Other custody complications occur with friends and extended family. The youth may wish to stay with a friend for a weekend or visit grandparents of his or her other parent. Even in Washington D.C., these challenges arise often.

Transitions with Custody

Sometimes the schedule will conflict with academic arrangements. This often occurs through field trips and summer modifications to a schedule. Building a relationship after a marriage ends is difficult with the other parent and child. Vacations and travels with the non-primary custody father or mother may need to change based on school responsibilities. Transitions over summer may require additional time for the youth to adjust being back home. It is also important to question the child on what he or she wants. This is essential for school and life plans. If the young person wants to attend a college far away, all options should be considered.

Legal Support in Washington D.C.

In Washington D.C., parents still need to hire lawyers to ensure custody arrangements are valid when the courts are part of the process. When conflict is possible between parents, a lawyer may ensure the situation is peaceful. This could prevent any violations or custody problems from occurring. When court judgement rendered for the custody affects the parents, the lawyer may ensure proper adherence occurs with both father and mother. Then, the childís needs are taken into account as well, and the complications may smooth over.

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