Common Causes of New Jersey Snow Car Accidents and How to Respond After Injury

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Snow car accidents are common in the New England states, but in New Jersey, these collisions could devastate the victims due to the massive number of vehicles present on roadways and highways. There are over 100,000 injuries that occur due to snow and ice each year, and many occur on the highway, so it is imperative to understand how to respond after injury occurs.

Winter weather hits hard in New Jersey in the cold and wet months. The snow and ice that fall and form on the roads often cause cars to slide and collide with objects and other vehicles. The incidents then usually lead to some form of injury that is minor to severe. The impact trauma could jar someoneís head to the point of brain damage. Blunt force trauma could break bones and internal organs may suffer serious wounds. Medical treatment and responding to immediate injuries after a snow car accident is critical in New Jersey. Many of these situations call for the assistance of a lawyer to ensure just and fair compensation is possible after the collision.

Response to an Incident

Many drivers on snow and ice collide with other vehicles or obstacles on the road due to speeds. They drive too fast, and then an accident is the outcome. When there is heavy snow, it is important to drive slow and slower depending on the road conditions. A reduction in speeds of up to 40 percent is recommended by the highway authorities. This is more important when the snow falls in heavy batches. However, if the roads ice, it is crucial that speeds do not stop a driver from slowing down or preventing collisions with other cars.

Rushing and Windows

When the person is in New Jersey and there is the possibility of heavy snow, it is important to allow enough time to reach the destination. Even if the weather only has snow, there could be ice, slush or packed snow on the roads that may create a slick problem. These complications may cause swerving and vehicles without proper snow precautions to slide on the roads. Then, drivers may collide with objects or other cars. Injuries are common in these situations. It is important to ensure no one is rushing in snow conditions. Checking over other issues may slip the minds of those not thinking through these circumstances.

Ice, sleet and snow usually cause problems to the vehicle. Sometimes this may lead to stuck doors, windshield wipers that donít work and unclear windows. The necessary safety measures usually include cleaning windows and windshield before leaving the house. When in a rush or when not prepared, the driver may forget to clean these objects. Then, colliding with another vehicle in New Jersey become common. Injuries may need quick response in situations where the passengers and driver cannot see the road or others outside. It is essential to take enough time to properly prepare for snowy weather.

Other Common Causes of Snow Accidents

Some that are either traveling too fast or not paying enough attention may follow another driver too closely. When there is little room between cars, it is likely that avoiding an accident will be impossible. Quick stops could lead to slight or severe fender benders. Stopping in a lane when snow obscures vision is detrimental to safety. It is better to pull over than stop a lane of traffic. Many travel unnecessarily in negative weather conditions. It is recommended to stay home during these periods or remain at work unless the situations demands traffic travel. Then, the individual may avoid a snow car accident.

Brake issues are a large concern in normal situations. However, in snow, brakes may not work property. Slipping and sliding on the road is common. Extra time is necessary to make a full stop. Knowing how the brakes will work in these circumstances is essential to safety. The issues with acceleration connect to brake problems as well. If the person driver is over accelerating, this could lead to a collision quickly or for the tires to spin out. Additionally, when traveling too fast in this manner, brakes may not have time to engage and stop the vehicle.

New Jersey Lawyer for Snow Accidents

When in New Jersey, it is important to hire a lawyer when affected by snow car accidents. He or she may ensure that the proper compensation is possible and his or her help may increase chances of obtaining it.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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