How a Massachusetts Car Accident Claim Is Impacted if Other Driver Is Out of State

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Car accident claims arise often when there are more individual drivers on the road, and these may increase difficulty in acquiring compensation when the other driver lives out of state. Resolving these matters in Massachusetts is less complex when a lawyer assists with the injury claim so that monetary awards are possible.

Some of the most devastating car collisions occur when the individual is either out of state or hit by an out of state driver. The different traffic laws of the local area could affect whether litigation is possible or if insurance claims may provide a settlement. It is important to know what paths are available and which options are best to pursue. This may require the use and hire of a lawyer. Many may need to review insurance policies and contact the carrier immediately. This could provide better circumstances when the claim initiates quickly. This could cover the vehicle damage and hospital bills.

Out of State Complications

Other than the usual problems that may arise through out of states issues, the driver may face different complications. These may include driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If the state has multiple offense arrests or increased penalties, he or she may face severe consequences. Some local towns require the individual’s presence to resolve the matter. When funds are tight, this becomes an issue. Then, the local laws of the other state may increase monetary penalties. This may demand communication with the state authorities to make payments when a single check or money order is not enough.

The Out of State Driver

When someone from out of state collides with a Massachusetts driver, some complications may arise. If the driver does not stop or exchange insurance information, the victim may be left with little recourse. If the driver has a policy without enough coverage to take care of the damage and injuries, the resident of Massachusetts may need to seek legal action. For those incidents that occur near traffic cameras, it may become important to obtain the footage as evidence in these situations. Before an accident occurs, it is critical to have enough coverage for accidents and injuries. This may prevent times when medical care is necessary and the driver does not have policy handling.

The first priority it to ensure that any injures are taken care of after the incident. The safety of those in the car is paramount. Then, gathering evidence becomes necessary if the individual needs to attempt to pursue legal action. In Massachusetts, the driver impacted by the accident must file a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report no later than five days from the collision time. Sometimes, it is necessary to contact law enforcement just after the accident. Then, all details need recording to ensure insurance handles the problem or that a lawyer may pursue legal action against the other driver.

Legal Options in Massachusetts

After the initial incident occurs, the driver needs to shake off any shock and pain. Medical attention is usually the very first step to resolve the accident problems. Then, the victim may consider his or her legal options in progressing through the event. It is crucial to only speak with insurance companies with a lawyer present. No offer accepted or information given should occur until a lawyer has provided permission. This includes communication with the victim’s insurance company as well. The carrier may use any details against the person to lower or decline offering a settlement offer.

Another legal option is a lawsuit. The person may pursue legal action in either obtaining compensation or a judgement against the other driver that will ensure he or she pays for the incident in some manner when proving the accident is his or her fault. Before continuing with these steps, a lawyer’s hire should occur first. An initial consultation is the first stage, and this is where the victim of the accident presents evidence gathered and other information relevant to the case. Then, the legal representative may determine if there is enough strength to the claim to seek compensation.

Massachusetts Lawyer in Car Accident Claims

The lawyer hired for these situations may need to know how the jurisdiction of the incident may play into the possible judgement. He or she may also advice the client to remain silent even on social media about the accident. Then, the lawyer may pursue action against the at fault driver to compensate the victim.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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