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Hiring [an experienced] Sandy Springs DUI Attorney is the starting point for a successful criminal defense of a DUI in Sandy Springs, GA. DUI, traffic misdemeanor cases and Sandy Springs Ordinance violations are all part of what our criminal defense attorneys handle in the Municipal Court of Sandy Springs GA.

Should my Traffic Ticket or DUI case stay in Sandy Springs Municipal Court or go to Fulton County State Court?

While almost every Sandy Springs DUI case starts in Sandy Springs Municipal Court, a jury trial can be selected, causing the case to be transferred to Fulton County State Court, Atlanta GA. Knowing when to STAY and when to BIND OVER to State Court of Fulton County is an important
decision for your criminal defense attorney to make.

Since many drunk driving arrests have a related administrative license suspension hearing to fight, this transfer decision may be controlled by what can be negotiated by your criminal lawyer, when the ALS (administrative license suspension) hearing is scheduled for resolution. If a bindover will cause you to lose the right to drive, this is a major decision to me made for a DUI defense lawyer.

So, a Sandy Springs Georgia DUI arrest can be resolved in two different criminal courts. Sandy Springs GA Police are rated among Georgia’s top police forces in deterring crime. Driving under the influence (DUI) enforcement is aggressive, and multiple Sandy Springs officers are trained a DUI Task Force Specialists. A top criminal defense attorney and DUI specialist is needed, for your best chance to win.

What Happens after a Sandy Springs GA DUI Arrest?

A Sandy Springs driving under the influence arrest is followed by being cuffed and taken to jail to post bond. Other non-serious traffic tickets do not require an arrest, but will have a mandatory, future court date for you to attend. A DUI in Georgia mandates arrest, unless the person is injury in a DUI accident, and is taken to the hospital. A person under arrest for DUI in GA cannot obtain advice from a DUI lawyer until after being booked into the jail. Plus, when the Georgia implied consent law notice is read to a detained DUI GA suspect, no Miranda rights are given, to tell the person arrested in Georgia his or her legal rights.

A Georgia DUI lawyer will be needed to fight a GA DUI at the Municipal Court of Sandy Springs. Complex legal issues accompany all drunk driving cases, including field sobriety test evidence, breath alcohol test evidence and constitutional issues about the legality of the traffic stop. Viable DUI defenses should be raised by written motions, so that trail court rulings can be made. When a highly experienced DUI attorney knows which suppression motions to file and the controlling case law authority.

Sandy Springs Municipal Court Information and Address

The Court Administrator is Cheston Roney, and the physical location of the Municipal Court of Sandy Springs is 7840 Roswell Road, Building 500, Sandy Springs, GA 30350. The Clerk's office phone number for Sandy Springs Municipal Court is 770-730-5600. To email the court administrator, use croney[at]sandyspringsga[dot]gov.

Sandy Springs GA Is Now Georgia’s 7th Largest City

Following the Recession, Sandy Springs has grown to be the seventh largest municipality in Georgia, with over 106,000 residents. This more than doubled from the 1980 census. Only Atlanta, Augusta-Richmond, Columbus, Macon-Bibb, Savannah, and Athens-Clarke have more residents. The three consolidated cities count every resident within their respective counties.

After blocking attempts by the City of Atlanta to block annexation in 1950 and 1966, Sandy Springs became a new city in 2005, thanks to Eva Cohn Galambos, a stanch Sandy Springs incorporation advocate for decades. She was the new city’s first mayor, until she resigned in 2014. A redesigned bridge over Georgia 400 at the Northridge Drive exit is named after former Mayor Galambos.

"DUI Less Safe" and "DUI per se" in Georgia

Drunken driving cases are usually one of two types: less safe DUI or DUI per se. The phrase “DUI less safe alcohol” is sometimes written in the traffic ticket, or OCGA 40-6-391 (a) (1). A per se DUI really means “over the legal alcohol limit.”
Drivers who are under the age of 21 are held to a so-called “zero-tolerance” alcohol level (actually, a BAC of 0.02 grams percent or higher), so any admission to drinking alcohol (or smoking weed) will result in immediate arrest. Adults in Georgia and the rest of the United States are permitted BAC levels of 0.08 grams percent, before a DUI alcohol per se case will be maintainable.

Georgia DUI lawyer William C. Head is a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta GA and personal injury lawyer with 41 years of litigation experience. The Atlanta DUI attorney has authored or co-authored over a dozen drunk driving books, and is a Board Certified DUI lawyer by the National College for DUI Defense. He has been recognized for his expertise in impaired driving defense.

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