Finding an Attorney to Help Negotiate Your Commercial Lease in San Diego

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Your corporate office space, warehouse or manufacturing facilities play a crucial role in the success of your business. An effective commercial lease ensures your company receives the maximum benefit while protecting you from hidden costs or “accelerators.”

Your commercial lease is often one of the largest single expenses your company must bear. Increasing the successfulness of negotiations and ensuring a well-crafted commercial lease provides a sound foundation for your business, while positioning your company for long term stability and growth.

The commercial facilities you lease help to establish your corporate identity, brand and
culture. An effective and experienced San Diego real estate attorney with commercial lease expertise can save your company thousands of dollars while protecting you from hidden costs or risks.

The Complexity of Commercial Lease Documents

Commercial lease documents have substantially changed over the past several years. What used to be a fairly simple document is now often the length of a short novel. Commercial leases in San Diego incorporate many aspects of several areas of law including, but not limited to:
• Real estate
• Business contract
• Landlord-tenant
• Construction

What modifications will be required to the space? Does the commercial lease include “build to suit” specifications, access to assigned parking and other amenities? What services are included in the lease (i.e. janitorial, trash, security) and how will utilities be handled? Will there be an option to expand or contract your footprint based upon the success or challenges your company might face? How do you know this thick document filled with legal terminology represents the agreements you reached with your landlord during negotiations? Could you have gotten a better deal?

Why Should an Attorney Negotiate or Review a San Diego Commercial Lease

An experienced real estate and commercial lease attorney protects your interests at every stage of the negotiation and leasing process. Your attorney should guide you through the establishment of goals and objectives while providing insight into the pitfalls to avoid. Your attorney should have proven negotiation skills which enable them to obtain the favorable provisions, terms and conditions you desire. Your attorney should ensure all points of the negotiation are clearly and accurately reflected in the terms of the lease. It is important to understand the legal consequences associated with all provisions of a commercial lease and to clearly understand the obligations of the other party as well.

San Diego landlords are taking a much more aggressive stance in commercial lease negotiations, and your attorney should provide additional negotiating strength to your position while helping to maintain a productive atmosphere.

Look for San Diego real estate attorneys with experience and expertise related to:
• Negotiation of commercial leases in San Diego
• Drafting, reviewing and editing business contracts
• Mediation and Arbitration
• Proven litigation skills necessary to ensure the fulfillment of all promised services, construction, modifications, accommodations, maintenance and other obligations of the landlord
• Dispute resolution and litigation

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