Problems with Getting Fertility Treatment Overseas

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Many couples are unable to conceive and may seek medical help or alternative options overseas. However, there are various problems to consider.

There are rumors of doctors giving different opinions on what is possible based on different research or other methods applied to individuals. When the wife wants to have a child enough that various other fertility treatment becomes necessary, overseas options are important to understand. Not all information, however, is the same. Some couples are not able to acquire the knowledge firsthand without traveling to the area. Then, it is often too late to back out. After the injury occurs or the treatment fails, it is time to consult with a lawyer.

What Problems May Arise?

Donor eggs or sperm may become one of the easier options to choose from. An in vitro fertilization is another that is sought to ensure the pregnancy takes. However, if the details about the donor are not complete, this could lead to unwanted complications. Using medical equipment to place a fertilized egg into the uterus is a surgical procedure that could cause injury or other issues depending on the tools and medical facility used in these situations. Without knowing exactly what the couple is getting into in these circumstances, many issues may occur. Injury may become life-threatening or change the course of the husband and wife permanently.

The Need for Fertility Treatment

When a married couple is unable to conceive children, there are several options available. However, in the United States, some of these options are not possible or may remain out of reach for some couples. This may include donor sperm or eggs, in vitro and other procedures. Some may involve drugs and medication that keeps the woman fertile or that increases the potency of the husbandís sperm. However, when traveling overseas for these possibilities, the couple may face additional problems that lead to injury or other complications. Some are willing to face such obstacles and continue until the pregnancy catches. The need is great enough that the married spouses will pay a near fortune to ensure a child is born.

Legal complications are not always part of the fertility treatment activities in other countries. Implanting an already fertilized egg into the wife may remain illegal in most or all of America, but there are numerous locations around the globe that have fewer moral or ethical standards. The need to travel overseas increases when the couple is willing to accept measures that are morally gray or entirely illegal in the United States. Additionally, some countries may not have concerns about the advanced age or lack of egg production of the wife. If the husband is sterile, the drugs used to increase the possibility of pregnancy could later lead to severe injury or death.

Getting the Treatment and Returning

While there are several problems with acquiring treatment outside of the United States, it is important for the couple to return home. If a passport expires or there are other documentation issues, this could become a serious complication. Without monetary support, the married two may find returning to the states difficult. Some airlines will not permit a pregnant lady to fly until she communicates with a physician and he or she clears the expecting mother. On the other side, if either the wife or husband have sustained injury during treatment, the airline or department that regulates air or sea travel could hold them until their condition is understood better.

Other legal concerns could lead the spouses to consider different methods of returning. However, it is essential that both are of sound mind and body during the travel. If paperwork is stolen before the couple is able to make it to an airline or ship, contacting the American authorities could cause a longer delay.

Legal Help with Overseas Fertility Treatment

Most trips that require various medical treatment need clearance with certain individuals. It is important to communicate the trip with a legal representative to ensure if any complications arise, he or she is aware of these concerns. Additionally, the lawyer may need to assist in the return trip so that the couple may reenter the United States.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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