Pennsylvania Personal Injury Claims with Defective Products

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Personal injury claims are rife with complications depending on which defective products cause the harm to Pennsylvania citizens and how the situation ends. Legal support against the manufacturers of several brands of products is necessary for any type of compensation if the company is not willing to make amends.

Product liability and personal injury claims are similar and related. They often raise the same type of claims. However, many product liability claims cause property damage and simple injury in usual circumstances. However, personal injury from a defective product could harm a person severely or even cause the death of a consumer. It is difficult to fight against corporations that have vast financial and legal resources to support the product manufacturing. However, when enough claims arise, legal assistance may garner compensation for possible recovery for each individual harmed through the standard or instructed use of the item.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

When a person has sustained injury for some action or problem, he or she may seek a lawyer for help. These situations often raise a personal injury claim due to the very personal harm or wounds caused by the action or item. The responsible party usually has the means to defend against the claim, and aggressive action to ensure compensation is not provided to the victim is the usual stance of the defending party. Pennsylvania citizens harmed through standard product use may need to contact legal support to battle against these companies in the courtrooms for the potential to recover with healthcare and therapy services.

The primary concern with companies that create numerous defective products is the silencing of affected victims. When there are few or no individuals seeking compensation for personal injury claims, the product does not need a recall. While the price of these measures is steep, it is generally less than paying out for each claim or for a recall. For a claim to progress to the next stage, it is crucial to have a personal injury lawyer. With this legal professional, the company is more willing to offer a settlement. These may provide sufficient payment for recovery from the incident.

Proceeding to the Claim

Before a lawyer is willing to progress through a case, the claim must have enough strength for a possible win. This leads the victim to gathering evidence. As much proof of the incident as possible will increase the chances of success in product injury events. This could also include witnesses and others that have gone through similar experiences. Sometimes, the victim may need to travel around Pennsylvania to find others that have suffered from the same product or through other items manufactured, designed or distributed from the same company. While a statute of limitations may exclude their addition to the case, witness testimony may help the claim.

Statute of Limitations

In Pennsylvania, the individual harmed from a product through defective issues has two years before the restrictions occur. This is from the date of injury itself, and if the time lapses, the victim is unable to bring a claim against the company. No compensation is possible after the two-year period in the state. There are special circumstances that could suspend this period, but the claim is no longer possible and is after the deadline if two years pass from the injury point. This requires contact with a lawyer within the time so that a claim starts before the time runs out.

There are three primary defects with products that usually lead to a personal injury claim. In Pennsylvania, the item could have a manufacturer defect, a design problem or a failure to warn others that harm is possible. The approach to litigation in each circumstance is often vastly different, but the statute of limitations is the same. In the state of Pennsylvania, the jury panel decides if the product is defective through tests with consumer expectations and other tests for suitability. If the item did not function as intended for a reasonable consumer, it could classify as defective. This may include unsafe objects that cause harm through standard and usual usage.

Legal Help with Personal Injury Claims in Pennsylvania

Whether the product or actions around the product caused harm, the individual should seek legal help form a Pennsylvania lawyer when personally injured in these situations. The legal representative will work hard to seek the best possible compensation for recovery from the incident. Making the client whole after the damage is important and may occur if successful.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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