Link between Antibiotics and Dental Standard of Care

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To treat various issues inside the mouth as well as to prevent the possible infections that occur, a dentist may prescribe antibiotics. This is considered a standard of care in usual circumstances, but there are other methods used that prevent problems that are more often put to use which may manage and intervene before antibiotics become the best option.

The prevention of infection and other problems in the mouth is important. This is one reason why certain antibiotics prescriptions are written for patients that have dental work completed. Oral hygiene and operations usually provide the best care to prevent and treat these complications. However, sometimes prescriptions are inadequate or given to the patient when unnecessary. Social factors may affect the need to give out medicine for dental work and maintenance. Defects in knowledge about the medication exists with many dentist and how they may affect the patient overall and with social interactions with others.

Antibiotics Practices

Inadequacy of knowledge and prescribing antibiotics is profound. The primary concern with experts in these matters is the over-prescribing. The continued use of these drugs leads to resistance to antibiotics and other effects that could harm the patient in the long-term. When the dentist is not up to date on these matters or has not researched antibiotics fully, he or she may not provide the best standard of care to these individuals seeking dental work and treatment. Some cases may constitute malpractice or negligence by the actions of the dentist. It is when the patient suffers injury that he or she may have a claim against the doctor or dental practice.

With the increase of antibiotic usage in the medical world, resistance increases among the populace in the United States. While the types may vary, and resistance increases will change based on what pills are taken, the overmedication of dental patients is a concern for the healthcare world. The standards of care may change based on how much these drugs prescribed by a dentist may lead to these problems. The other medical experts and doctors have issues with any dentist that has not had training as a doctor prescribing any antibiotic because he or she may not have the necessary knowledge about overmedication and resistance to antibiotics strains.

The Important Aspect of Prescription Antibiotics

The primary concern when prescribing antibiotics to patients of a dentist is the possible infection that may result from treatment or surgery. These drugs are the greatest medication prescribed by a dentist to those seeking tooth and mouth care. To prevent infection or other complications in the mouth, the dental doctor will prescribe the antibiotic. However, even when the importance of such drugs is necessary for some, the overmedication of patients is a serious concern that could lead to the potential for litigation. It may become procedure for a dentist to consult with a medical doctor about prescription antibiotics and when to ensure the patient receives these drugs.

While sometimes necessary to prevent infection, the common types of antibiotics are what the dentist usually prescribes. This may also increase resistance when the individual faces similar prescriptions for other healthcare procedures. Because of a lack of knowledge in this area, dentists may not have the necessary information about what to prescribe. National Center for Disease Control and Prevention explains that at least one-third of these drugs provided to patients are not necessary. Besides the added costs for the individual, the resistance to the common antibiotics increases for no reason. If the patient suffers injury, this could then lead to litigation.

Complications with Antibiotics

Further study and investigation became necessary once antibiotic usage caused complications for patients. Some problems found include prolonged use of antibiotic medication. The need for the drugs was unnecessary and would boost resistance. Other problems with these prescriptions lead to the individual needing different medication. When the person suffers injury through the lack of knowledge of his or her dentist, this could lead to a lawsuit. It is important for the dentists to know which drugs to prescribe and what issues may occur. Inflammation and infection may require different types of pills.

Legal Help in Dental Standard with Antibiotics

When the patient suffers through injury at the hands of a dentist, it is possible that a lawsuit is the result. Malpractice or negligence on the part of the dentist could lead to severe injury to the individual. Then, through hiring a lawyer it may become possible for compensation to help in recovery.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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