What Can I Do if I Think My Traffic Ticket is Too High?

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Seeking assistance for larger penalties in tickets is important when the person is not able to pay the amounts necessary for resolution in these matters. However, the base price and any other factors may increase the initial penalty, and it may take a lawyer to dispute a ticket successfully before the amount is lower or eliminated.

When a driver acquires a ticket for speeding, the police officer usually enters other factors that were part of the incident. This may include school zones, construction and if any lights are not working on the vehicle. If the personís driverís license or tags are not up to date, additional tickets or penalties may increase the expense. Most states have a base amount that the ticket will start at and then the amount raises this number through the other factors present during the violation. There are options available to those with these tickets, but some of them involve hiring a lawyer to avoid hefty fines.

Factors of a Speeding Ticket

When someone is driving over the speed limit, many law enforcement officers may not pull the person over until he or she clocks so many miles above the limit. Often, those on the road follow the same speeds or will driver up to five miles over the limit. However, there are no rules that apply in these situations. The officer has an option to ticket the person behind the wheel for going any speed over the limit. There school and construction zones usually demand a much lower speed, and the fines are usually double standard. Any tickets for speeding in these areas are often harsh and severe.

Other factors that may exist usually include the construction zones, speed traps and school areas that require the person to drive at or below 25. While most police officers are rarely in these areas for long, it is possible to incur traffic violations at speeds of ten or greater miles over this speed. If break lights, turning signal lights or cracks in the windshield exist, these may increase fines significantly. When it appears that the officer pulls the drive over and no speeding occurred, it may become necessary to fight the ticket. The greater the amount, the more this is important for the driver.

To Fight the Ticket or Plead Guilty

When a ticket that the driver feels is unnecessary issues a fine the individual either does not want to pay or feels he or she should not need to pay, the question about fighting it goes through his or her mind. The possibility that fighting the ticket could lead to additional fees when hiring a lawyer or going through the court process may affect this decision. However, some feel fighting is important even if the fine is not as large as other violations. Some may need to take traffic school or face a significant increase in insurance premiums before everything is done.

Pleading guilty to the ticket is how most drivers proceed through the procedure. This is usually what happens, and then the fine requires payment. The person may need to travel to the courthouse in the local town or where the ticket issues from. Some may only need a phone call to accomplish these steps. Once the full amount is known, the driver may then pay through the ways the ticket provides. It is generally only important to fight the ticket when the driver commits no violation or the penalties are unreasonable in total. Then, pleading guilty could cause more harm that attempting to fight against the ticket.

Pursuing the Fight and Traffic Ticket Legal Support

When the driver feels adamantly that he or she did not violate traffic laws, it is imperative to fight the ticket all the way. To accomplish this, the individual will need to prove certain things. This may include that there is no evidence of any violation of the law. The word of the law enforcement officer is usually not sufficient to proceed with the fine and other penalties. When attempting to only reduce the amount on the ticket, it is important to show that no violations occurred in any egregious manner. Other reasons to fight may encourage the driver such as his or her previous traffic ticket history, increases to insurance and how many points add to his or her driverís license.

It is when fighting is crucial that a traffic ticket lawyer should become part of the process through a consultation or hiring.

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