Administrative Resolutions for Timeshare Legal Issues

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There are agencies that may provide a legal resolution for timeshare issues that exist with the primary company or the previous owners that sold the timeshare to the new owner. Sometimes, it requires the filing of a complaint before any agency or person will come forward to assist with these matters in which a remedy is available.

Timeshare legal issues may arise through a number of factors. Often these exist through the contract, the sale or by those that sold the property. When the rights of scheduling time at the location are held with the company that owns the primary portion of the building, it is difficult for timeshare holders to retreat to the property for any length of time. Additionally, the contracts may have certain conditions or terms that are only beneficial to the agency in charge of the building. Any problems through these compilations could lead to legal battles in court.

Administrative Resolutions Explained

An administrative resolution occurs when a complaint is successful before the board within a company, agency or entity. The individual needs to seek a remedy to a legal problem through the administrative counsel. These individuals will hear out the case, determine a judgment or conclusion after assessing the evidence and then provide a decision. The procedure may require multiple hearings and months of time before any conclusion occurs. In the event of failure, the person may appeal the decision. However, in usual circumstances, he or she will only have the option of engaging a court when the administrative processes are all and completely exhausted.

The possible resolutions in timeshares may exist through the complications explained to the counsel. If the deal happened through deceptive practices, abuse of elder buyers or by misleading or little information, it is possible to reverse the sale. However, when the contract stipulates that the sale is final or has only so much time, this causes further problems. Then, the owner must show the group that he or she was not given all the information or was not aware of what the agreement specified. This is more complex if the wording in the document is clear and free of confusion.

The Dispute Explained

Timeshares exist for a person to travel to a location, stay in the property for the time he or she books and usually relax or have guests over. The interest owned by the person that purchases the timeshare is often small and only provides so many days a year for residence in the building. However, many of these properties are in desirable locations. If the company or agency selling the timeshare is deceptive in selling practices, the property could exist in areas of crime or have defects in the building itself. This and other issues raise disputes by owners that often need administrative resolutions.

Seeking a resolution to a timeshare legal issue is important. Some individuals may seek a larger class action lawsuit if several are part of the affected problem. However, when there is an administrative counsel available to resolve the problem, it is essential to start and exhaust this procedure first. Often, the administrative board has a solution to the legal matter. However, it is still necessary to hire a lawyer to ensure that the client has preparations in place when seeking a decision through the administrative panel. This could involve the same processes in the courtroom with documentation and witness statements.

All Avenues of Approach

When a timeshare legal issue arises, the affected individual should research all available options that could lead to a resolution. Whether this involves contractual problems or complications in booking time at the property, the interest owner should engage in all avenues that could support his or her final conclusion. It is essential to contact experts in timeshare matters and others that have a purchased timeshare interest to discover if similar problems exist with these individuals. It is possible to acquire a new option in seeking an end to struggle through others. While going through the administrative panel, it is possible that the needed decision is given to the owner.

Legal Help in Administrative Timeshare Issues

To protect the right and ensure the timeshare owner is aware of all options, a lawyer should become part of these proceedings. He or she will have more details for the person after researching the specific administrative panel and agency holding the booking rights for the property. Then, with the legal representative, it is possible to end the legal issues with a resolution.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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