Contraceptives Crossing the Border and the Legal Hurdles

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It is when contraceptives become purchasable over the counter that crossing the borders of the country could lead to legal complications in selling and giving these items to others. The legal hurdles the nation may face in loss of sales or difficulty in maintaining laws when a person crosses the border could cause other impacts to business and the legal system.

The same problem occurs when a woman needs contraceptives and lives close enough to the Mexican border where these drugs and options are available. By traveling a short distance to an area where the item is purchasable, and then drive back to her home, the individual is able to take particular advantage. These possibilities are open while the border is crossable by United States citizens. The vehicles are rarely checked for these contraceptives, and then the person may go home and use what has been purchased over a counter. The prices may vary, but the goal is to have the contraceptive option.

Prescriptions Contraceptives

Others are perfectly willing to obtain a prescription to buy the contraceptives. These women may remain in the minority when the other option is easier for some. The primary affect of which decision to take often occurs with the time the person must go through before birth control is available. This is frequently more important than the actual price of such contraceptives. Information taken from the Border Contraceptive Access Study provides insight into these matters. Almost half of the 1046 women studied bought pills from over the border locations. Several factors included explain the demographics of the study and why over the counter availability was more necessary.

The Study Explained

The main concern with these studies is to understand behavior and how it may affect the economy or policies and laws. When nearly as many women purchase contraceptives through prescription as traveling over the border to obtain the same type over the country, it is important to truly know why. The factors involved may include the use, social and sexual behavior of each woman, fertility concerns, medical services usage and what sources of healthcare are available to them. While the Mexico location is the dependent variable in the study, the other variables include costs, insurance coverage of expenses, the requirement for prescriptions, feelings of each woman, relationships with others and how much sexual relations involved decisions. Some may have a prescription already and others may need to acquire a new one.

When the patient needs the prescription to obtain the pills, this is one of the primary barriers that could lead to travels to Mexico for the contraceptives. The demand for these is so great, over the counter purchase could eliminate the need to drive to Mexico for any drugs entirely. However, any personal relationships with another person that could lead to pregnancy have little do to with the study after carefully considering this factor and testing it out. Those conducting such studies have recommended insurance and drug companies to provide options for over the counter methods of purchase with or without a prescription to reign in these travels outside the country to purchase them.

Complications in Sales

While the purchase of contraceptives in another country could harm the economy in a small way when there are only a few thousand accomplishing these actions, the damage may become more widespread when the wrong items harm the female purchasing them. Any drug or prescription purchased in a location where the standards of care are lower could lead to injury. If the person suffers harm, she may have little legal recourse based on the area and what happened. The legal authorities could attempt to show how she was to blame for the incident. When at fault, it is usually not possible to acquire compensation.

The Desperate Need and Legal Support

The need to prevent pregnancy is what leads these women to seek contraceptives in areas of Mexico rather than prescriptions they need to wait for before consumption. This need increases as pregnancy does throughout the country. The eleven percent of women at risk for having children without access to contraceptives may travel far and long to acquire these drugs to prevent possible disaster in their lives.

Legal support exists when the person seeks the hire of a lawyer. This is necessary when injury or legal complications occur. This may include problems getting back into the United States or when arrested for these purchases. Defending against legal action is important.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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