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Every now and then, one of our Lemon Law clients also becomes a Personal Injury client. It’s unfortunate because, most often, this happens because the defect that made their car or truck unsafe ended up causing a wreck. This isn’t always the case, though it does happen regularly. But let’s take a step back and look at why hiring one law firm that handles both types of claims is a practical move.

Not everyone’s cut out to deal with the complications, ambiguities, and administrative traps (i.e., paperwork) that come with our Lemon Law. It was created over the loud objections (and lobbying) by carmakers. And when they couldn’t kill it, they lobbied hard to make it as complicated and contradictory a challenge as possible. Most of our clients come to us after throwing their hands up
in frustration from trying by themselves to make the Lemon Law work for them.

All legal claims might look easy from a distance. But when non-lawyers try to save money and be their own advocate, they find out that nothing surrounding the law is ever easy.

Personal Injury attorneys bring the following experiences to the table:
• Investigating accidents
• Interviewing and deposing witnesses
• Finding documentation to prove their claims (sometimes in the most obscure places)
• Dealing with insurance companies (including their adjusters and legal teams)
• Establishing monetary value on every aspect of a claim, then filing strong demand packages
• Effectively negotiating settlements that are acceptable to the injured client
• And, if all else fails, taking the defendants to court.

Lemon Law claims also involve a bit of ambiguity. Decisions like replacement vehicle repurchase or walk-away compensation might seem simple at first, but they aren’t always easy ones. The schedule of repair attempts can trip up a lot of claimants and invalidate their claim if they stray from them. Figuring out how many chances the dealership’s repair department should get to fix a defect is confusing.

A solid understanding of the claims process will help you make informed decisions about your case, and your Lemon Law attorney will explain every aspect. Enforcing your legal rights under California’s Lemon Law involves multiple steps – from sending a demand letter, to evaluating settlement options, and (if necessary) preparing to litigate in court. Do you see a connection between the two legal areas of Personal Injury and Lemon Law?

A California Lemon Law lawyer is uniquely qualified to handle a Personal Injury vehicle accident claim. Obtaining favorable settlements and defeating many of the major manufacturers (and their teams of defense lawyers) is necessary in both legal environments.

This gives us a leg up in resolving both your Lemon Law and injury accident issues and could possibly accelerate both your Lemon Law and injury claims against the manufacturer. In a sense, that accident – if caused by the defect – is your “I told you so,” justification for both of your claims which nail the manufacturer – twice.

Aaron Fhima has a long record of success taking on large defense firms. Aaron focuses on taking an aggressive approach to representing his clients’ interests, and develops creative case strategies designed to win maximum compensation as quickly as possible.

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