What to do with a Toll Ticket in Florida

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In some states, toll locations provide faster access to the interstate and freeway system through a ticketing placard or sticker with internet access for renewal or payment. When living in Florida, it is possible to pass through these stations without tossing in money, and a ticket is sent to the person through the mail for payment later.

Since changes to the toll system, tossing coins into a bucket is no longer necessary in various states such as Florida. While the amount increased since the inception of toll roads, the change provides discounts for local citizens of the state and when drivers purchase a Sunpass. This is a device attached to the credit card or debit account of the driver. When setup beforehand, the amount directly transfers from the bank or credit account to the stateís toll system. However, if the person behind the wheel does not have one of these, the sensors are able to record the license plate and send the person a bill in the mail.

Paying for Toll Passes

When passing through a toll road, the locations have equipped sensor devices that capture the license plate details. These should have a connection to the driverís license and record. This permits the system in Florida to notify the driver that he or she has at some point used a toll road. It is better to purchase a Sunpass for discounts and direct transfers, but for those not local to the state, the process does let the person behind the wheel pay at a later date. Unfortunately, if the individual moves away or is unable to receive his or her mail, these problems create further complications.

How the Tolls Work in Florida

Many states including Florida are taking part in a faster experience on toll roads through a pass or account purchasable through the local city ordinances and departments for road construction and maintenance. By doing so, the drivers on the road are able to keep driving faster speeds without slowing down for a toll pass. Residence and visitors may purchase a pass while they reside in the city or state. The only times that a pass does not benefit someone driving is if he or she stays off all toll roads at all times and never passes through the sensors.

Many pass accounts are viewable and accessible online. An account created for these purposes may permit the person to keep up to date, review his or her pass matters and to renew the pass for the next month or year. A pass may provide a month of access or have direct withdrawal from a bank or credit account from each pass through the toll sensors. The Sunpass in Florida has a connection to the financial account so that direct withdrawals occur every time the person drives through sensors on toll roads. There is little upkeep with the pass itself, and the driver only needs to ensure he or she has funds in these accounts for the withdrawal.

Resolving Toll Tickets in Florida

When a person drives in and through Florida, it is imperative that any toll tickets received through the mail or in email receive a resolution as soon as possible. Many of these increase in the amount needed for payment if no contact is made. If the person knows he or she passed through a toll sensor, he or she may need to contact the local toll authorities for additional information. Some tolls mailed to these drivers may progress to local law enforcement for another form of resolution if communicate does not occur after a reasonable timeframe.

Tickets for tolls may exceed $100 each when the payment does not transfer to the appropriate area. If the driver does not have a Sunpass in Florida, tickets may charge the person individual each time he or she does not resolve the toll passing. This is also possible if the credit card or bank account does not withdraw funds for the tolls. Any lack of communication may increase as well. However, paying these at the local courthouse could increase costs needed to remedy the situation.

Legal Support for Toll Tickets

It is beneficial to hire a toll ticket lawyer to fight on behalf of the person with these fines. It is possible to mitigate the damage and reduce the necessary payments for toll tickets with legal representation. This could even provide a discount for multiple tickets and cost less for the affected person.

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