Questioned about Voter Fraud - Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?

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Governing of most voting events are through state and local authorities and officials, and the laws are specific on how voter fraud would affect the individual based on the location in the country. However, some investigations involve the federal government, and it is important to consult a lawyer before defending against these allegations.

The need for lawyer assistance in suspicion of voter fraud becomes important when the person may face federal criminal charges. This happens when the person on the ballot is a federal candidate. It is also possible if the election contains participation of an election person acting under the color of the law even if the election itself is not a federal one. Again, no matter what type of election specifically, it becomes federal when the registration is unitary within all 50 states in the country, or when the citizen is both federal and nonfederal for candidacy. Federal charges apply for instances of misuse, illegal trespass, computerized systems and connection to the election itself.

Seriousness of the Crime

For instances of election and voter fraud, intimidation or suppression of votes, the person may face criminal charges for both state and federal elections. It is vital to have a criminal lawyer to defend the person in these accusations. Many defendants facing such allegations may crumble under the pressure without legal representation. Additionally, the legal professional may have more experience and knowledge about such issues. His or her expertise is invaluable in seeking the best outcome, even if it is a negotiation for a settlement. Mitigating the damage of such accusations is important and may provide the best conclusion to the case.

Conduct that May Lead to the Need for a Lawyer

Federal prosecution is the most important type that results in the need for a lawyer. However, even state voter fraud usually requires the necessity of legal representation. Any act where the individual has taken part in paying someone to register for voting, to vote in his or her name or to alter the results in some manner is illegal on a state level. When the candidate is a national potential elected person, this becomes connected to federal level crimes. Mailing in votes or attempting to affect the election through intimidation against the candidate or his or her party is a violation of the law as well. The conclusion of such cases could see the perpetrator behind federal prison bars.

Other instances of federal or state crimes may include voting multiple times for the same candidate and impersonating a voter. Suppressing votes, ballots or intimidating others into making certain types of votes are also illegal acts. Intimidation through physical means could also constitute assault. Combining crimes may lead to severe consequences when convicted in a courtroom. Intimidation against a federal or state employee connected to the election may cause the same serious charges and penalties. Diluting ballots through adding others that are invalid or for a certain potential elector is illegal on a state or federal level.

Criminal Charges

When the person accused of voter fraud engages in any activity that could affect or influence an official, elected official or candidate, he or she may commit a state or federal crime. Criminal charges are often possible and issued once law enforcement has suspicion that an illegal action occurred. By affecting software, changing ballots or conspiring to change the outcome of an election, the culprit may face federal or state consequences that lead him or her to the courts. When possible conviction for such crimes may occur, it is critical to hire a criminal defense lawyer.

Sometimes, charges issued for federal or state crimes occurs through a witness to the activity. These individuals may contact local or federal authorities. Through progress from the initial witness statement, law enforcement may undergo an investigation about the person in question. Then, charges will issue him or her to a court to defend against the allegations. The need for a criminal defense lawyer increases when the charges could incur a conviction instead of an investigation that the authorities drop. When the case appears valid enough, it may go before a judge or jury.

Voter Fraud Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer when facing voter fraud charges is crucial to prove innocence in the crime. The lawyer may assist in creating a defense strategy to protect his or her client from a conviction with severe sentencing that may even involve time in a federal prison.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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