Immigration Consequences of Committing Voter Fraud

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When individuals that possess no citizenship in the country partake in voting events, this could skew the results for officials attempting to take office. While the registration system for voting does possess vulnerabilities to these actions, there are strict consequences of immigrants that alter the outcome of elections.

Part of the problem with elections when counting inhabitants in a district is that some of these individuals are not citizens of the United States. Some are illegal immigrants, and others are those that have not sought citizenship within the country yet. Even if none of them attempt to vote, this still affects the outcome based on statistics and numbers. The capacity for elections to face voting fraud is serious when mass immigration affects the specific areas where these elections take place. It is important to know what causes these issues and how the consequences may play a role in determining if voter fraud occurs.

Noncitizen Voting Fraud

Many politicians use the mass immigration of certain peoples to reach the public for new reforms. Because these individuals and groups are countable as part of the district, this affects the numbers with a negative impact in most circumstances. This is due to the larger number of residents increasing the number of representatives in Congress for that region. Another issue that exists is when noncitizens that reside in the country along with illegal immigrants take part in elections. While the process does have security measures in place, sometimes the authorities are lax in ensuring that only those with a valid American driverís license or other identification is present.

Illegal Immigrant Presence

The profound affect of various individuals in a region is felt when new Congress members increase. Those that reside in the location in the United States do not need to vote, take part in elections in any manner or assist with the events to cause both negative and positive impacts to the political aspects of the country. Some states discover that illegal voting does occur with some frequency. In no less than two different states, noncitizen voting results have become part of the statistics once researched by officials. When one such person from Canada with a citizenship of that country was found voting in such a manner in the states, she received charges in making false claims of citizenship and voter fraud.

Noncitizen voting fraud is not a primary concern when elections occur. Protections to keep these instances from occurring are lax. When the outcome of an election could change based on voting fraud issues, it is important to remove the issue from happening. However, this could involve the officials themselves when using noncitizen numbers to buffer the polls and electronic data. To resolve the matter, it may require an investigation into the election and everyone included in the circumstances. Then, the consequences may increase or decrease based on the severity of the activity involved in the actual voter fraud that occurs.

Immigration and Voter Fraud Consequences

Other than fines and possible time behind state or federal prison bars, the noncitizen could face deportation. If he or she is an illegal immigrant, the authorities may seize the individual and ensure he or she is taken to his or her home country immediately. If the person is in the United States legally, he or she may still face deportation as a penalty for committing voter fraud actions. Rigging any election whether on a local, city, state or federal level is a crime, and the person usually will face serious consequences. It is illegal for any noncitizen to take part in voting, and this could negative adjust the numbers for any elected official.

Smaller state or city elections face more devastating consequences when a noncitizen or immigrant takes part in the election. First, he or she would need to get past security and provide an ID that appears valid. Then, he or she may need to give electronic details that match a legitimate citizen. The larger the election process, the more security is in place to prevent voter fraud. When caught, the votes may become invalid and the person could face fines, jail, prison, deportation and other punishments.

Legal Help in Immigration Voter Fraud

Some individuals face criminal charges for voter fraud when they are innocent. It is important to hire a lawyer to protect the rights of the person in these situations. Many instances of supposed voter fraud are inaccurate, and the target did not commit any crime.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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