Dentist Financial Irregularities

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Some dentist practices experience certain financial irregularities when attempting to ensure treatment for dental problems. If the dentist is unable to provide care even after payment has been transferred to him or her, the patient may have legal recourse for the expensive implants, bridge or crown work or other procedures to include surgery.

There is a potential for fraud or fraudulent-like activity if there are financial concerns with receiving the necessary dental care. If a person purchases needed items such as braces, implants or dentures, these should become available after a short wait. The time may constraints are often due to manufacturing and distribution of the products. However, if there is a prolonged wait time, this could relate to inappropriate financial dealings with the dentist or his or her practice. It is important to contact a lawyer if these issues appear to exist or if there is a suspicion that the dentist has engaged in illegal or immoral activity.

Consequences for Irregularities or Fraudulent Activity

When the dentist or the practice engages in fraudulent activity, embezzlement and there are financial irregularities that exist with these situations, the professional may face administrative action, criminal charges or similar severe consequences. It is important for the patient to ensure a lawyer communicates that his or her client should have the item purchased through the dentist office. Some of these treatment options are over $20,000 for each one or set. When this much or more in payment transfers to the dentistís office or practice, the necessary item should arrive after the time to manufacture and ship it.

Complications Due to the Economy

If the dental practice faces effects from a downturn in the economic matters, this should not affect the treatment purchased by patients. Even if the dentist faces a negative impact due to fewer patients seeking dental procedures, this could raise prices, but surgery, implants or other items still need manufacturing and shipping to the practice for implanting or implementation. It is critical for the dentist to ensure all products arrive for the individual after he or she has already provided payment. A loss of the item or a prolonged wait could cause adverse effects on the patient that needs the procedure immediately.

Staff Problems in the Dental Practice

While a staff member may have misplaced forms or caused a problem with the shipping of a dental implement such as an implant, this should not cause a prolonged wait. If the employee is unable to cope with the stress of the job or perform adequate services, he or she may need to face unemployment. However, this should not cause a financial irregularity unless the person has sufficient access to the financial data in the practice. However, then multiple patients may suffer from these actions. Criminal charges are also possible for any staff member engaging in these actions.

Annual Budget Concerns

Some dentist offices face hard times with the economy when the owner or practice is unable to keep to an annual budget. While new and loyal customers and patients return for treatment, the future care may not meet standards if equipment or tools are defective or out of maintenance. When the dental practitioner has fewer contacts to create implants, dentures and braces, he or she may face further complications when attending to new patients that need these items. Prolonged delays in receiving these may cause the patient to question if he or she will receive the necessary care to resolve a tooth or mouth issue.

The fee schedule may keep the business afloat just above bills coming in. This could lead to some treatment costs increasing so that the expenses for certain items cover the cost as well as pay monthly bills for the practice. If the dentist miscalculates, he or she may use monies set aside for treatment items on these other expenditures. Then, he or she may cause a financial irregularity with the patientís implants, dentures or braces. When waiting for a new patient to cover a previous one, the practice may face legal concerns from a lawyer.

Legal Help in Irregularities with a Dentist

When a patient is unable to receive the care he or she has already paid for, it is often necessary to consult a lawyer. The legal representative may need to communicate the matter with the dentist to determine what the next step in resolution is for the situation. Taking a dentist to court that has no income is often pointless, but insurance coverage may provide another solution.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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