North Carolina Car Multi-Vehicle Collisions

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The weather often affects what happens on the roads in states with heavy rain or snow fall, and this may lead to multi-vehicle collisions with extensive damage and physical injury. Knowing how to proceed in these incidents and what processes are available to the victims is critical to recover from the disaster and become whole.

The weather is often unpredictable when different fronts clash together. In the winter season, it is common to see snow falling. However, for drivers, this phenomenon is dangerous. Many are unaware of how to drive in the snow, and when the weather turns harsh and more snow falls to affect visibility, the driver may need to pull off the road. Heavy rain causes similar problems. However, when the road is packed with snow or flood rains, this will affect the ability to slow down and stop. Others may slide on the streets and collide with another driver or guardrails.

Weather and Multi-Vehicle Wrecks

Often, the weather causes a no-fault wreck. However, some on the road drive faster than they should, are too close to other cars and exhibit poor judgment. When this happens, more than a single person suffers harm. Injury and death are common. In North Carolina, one such collision involved numerous cars that killed at least one person. Extensive injuries and property damage are common and may tie up courts for several months to sort out the mess. However, it is important to hire a lawyer to determine if there is a case to acquire compensation for the incident.

Judgment and Decisions

When multiple vehicle collisions occur in a North Carolina, it is often due to poor judgment. This occurs with weather and in usual traffic. When a single driver is unable to handle the interstate or freeway system, he or she may collide with another. If the road is slick, this could cause another driver to become involved in the situation. Additionally, anyone not able to stop in time will ram into the lot. Then, with only one poor judgment, the entire collision occurs with extensive property damage and various injuries around.

Decisions that cause the wreck often occur when the person that starts a multi-car collision is driving too fast, too slow or has distractions taking his or her attention away from the road. Then, he or she may not have the time to brake and avoid another driverís vehicle. Any distraction could lead to a usual wreck, but colliding with others in the middle of heavy traffic is often how a larger accident causes several individuals to become part of the damage. If anyone is on medication or drinking, he or she could hold responsible for the entire mess. This often ends in litigation with at least one person owning another for damages.

Other Considerations

When the accident prompts an insurance settlement, it is possible that the carrier may attempt to place the blame on the victim. Even if the fault is not entirely another driverís, the claim may fail if the company is able to prove partial or full fault on the individual. Contributory negligence causes the person to lose the case entirely without any recovery compensation if the court does find the victim even to have partial responsibility. This makes proving innocence in the accident critical. Gathering evidence and hiring a lawyer is crucial to remove any doubt that someone else was at fault in the accident.

Larger accidents could take more time in the courts. With multiple victims, the insurance companies may need to keep communication open with everyone to ensure all matters complete quickly. With so many possible settlements in a multi-vehicle collision, the courts may need to prove comparative negligence first to determine which party is responsible and will not receive any compensation. While he or she may still have insurance coverage to adjust the damage or pay for medical bills, other insurance companies may not provide the monetary damages for recovery to this person. However, all other parties need consideration, and a large-scale investigation may take place to understand how much it all costs and how to resolve the matter.

North Carolina Multi-Car Collision Lawyer Support

To prove that comparative negligence is not part of the extensive damage from the collisions, the plaintiff needs a North Carolina lawyer to provide assistance in compensation awards from an insurance carrier. Through legal representative, it is possible to seek and acquire full monetary recovery from the incident in a multi-car accident.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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