Considering a Personal Injury Claim? Here are Signs to Look for After a Car Wreck.

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After an auto accident, many people face uncertainty. They may have heard horror stories about whiplash from friends and family members, yet not feel sure whether they are really injured or simply sore. They may want to put the entire incident behind them or they may be inclined to sue the driver who caused the wreck.

With so many potentially conflicting thoughts and feelings, it's often difficult to know what to do. To help you make the right decision, here are signs after a car wreck that suggest you should consult a personal injury attorney.

1. You are seriously injured

Some injuries are apparent immediately after the crash -- say, a broken bone -- while others take time to manifest.
Even if you feel fine initially, it may become clear weeks or months after the wreck that an ache and pain is from an injury that was more severe than you initially thought.

If you have a serious injury that affects your ability to go about your everyday life, seek medical attention and consult a personal injury attorney. A claim could get your medical care paid for by the at-fault driver.

2. The other driver was negligent

Think back on the crash. What do you remember? If you strongly believe the at-fault driver was acting reckless or negligent, their behavior could have caused the crash. If this is the case, then you should not have to pay the costs for injury treatment.
Drunk driving, distracted driving, and impatient driving all suggest the other party could be negligent.

Some examples of negligent driving behavior might include:

• Texting while driving
• Talking on the phone while driving
• Failure to stay in the lane
• Weaving in and out of lanes
• Speeding
• Changing lanes at the last minute
• Failure to signal.

If you suspect the other driver was negligent, it's worth talking over what you remember with an attorney. A personal injury attorney can listen to the facts as you recall them and advise you on the merits of the claim. If the attorney thinks you have a reasonable chance of a favorable outcome, you could initiate a lawsuit. Since most personal injury attorneys work on contingent fee, you won't pay anything until you see a successful outcome.

3. You worry you won't receive enough money to pay for your care

Let's say you are injured and you've been going back and forth with your insurance company. You may worry that they are trying to minimize your injuries and reduce the amount they will have to pay out. What many auto accident victims do not realize is that they do not have to accept the first offer from the insurer, especially when they are concerned it will not be enough to pay for their needs.

Any time you are worried about money for personal injury, speak with an attorney. Personal injury attorneys negotiate with insurance companies every day, so it's their job to advocate for their clients and push back on insurers. They can negotiate with the other side to get you a better offer that will pay for your care or initiate a lawsuit.

When you are injured after an auto accident, you need to focus on rest and recovery. An attorney can be your partner in recovery by fighting for your rights, so you don't have to waste your energy on speaking with insurers or worrying about how you will pay for needed medical care.

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