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greenIllinois Felony Process

When a criminal defendant is going through the criminal process, he or she may be very confused. The following information provides an overview of the felony process in Illinois.

blueComputer Forensics Specialist Is Able to Disprove a Claim Involving Improper Use of Data

As more and more business is conducted electronically, the legal community has become aware of the need to properly archive data that might be required as evidence in litigation. Computer forensics investigation certainly plays a key role in the electronic discovery process.

blueAn Effective Electronic Use Policy, Combined with Computer Forensics, Can Help Prevent Employee Misconduct

Organizations purchase computers and other electronic equipment to increase productivity and improve customer service — but that doesn’t mean that’s all the equipment is used for. Employees tend to assume a degree of “ownership” of the devices on their desktops, and use them to some extent for personal reasons.

blueThe Principal Types of Business Organisation in Norway

A brief questionnaire covering the principal types of business organisations in Norway.

blueStranded Overseas: The Plight of Expatriate Parents

Moving overseas for love creates particular dangers when children are born overseas and a romance then falls apart. Expatriate parents may find that they are unable to take the kids back to a parent's home country. International child custody laws may create serious problems. International family lawyer Jeremy Morley explains.

blueConsumer Protection Law of UAE

A consumer is a user of goods and services; hence, every producer could also be termed as a consumer. However, conflicting interests have categorized them, inevitably, into two different groups.

bluePatent Rights in India

Patent, Patent rights in India, Patent in India, Rahul Dutta, Patent Attorney in India, PCT Application, National Phase PCT application in India, Intellectual Property Lab, Intellectual Property Appellate Board, International Patent System, Patentable Inventions, Prior Art in Patent, Monopoly rights in Patent, Non-obviousness, Patentability conditions.

greenThe Revised Investment Catalogue and New Foreign Investment Guidelines for China

     By Angela Wang & Co.
The total foreign investment into China for the first 9 months of 2007 amounted to about US $47 billion, an increase of 10.9% from 2006.

blueBeing Denied Entry into Canada Based on Criminality

     By Sedai Law Office
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) makes it relatively easy for Americans to enter Canada as business visitors or to obtain work permits as intra-company transferees or NAFTA Professionals. One thing that NAFTA does not make easier is criminal inadmissibility.

blueManagement, Maintenance and Rent of Bulgarian Properties

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