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greenCredit Card Fraud, Definitions and Penalties

Credit card fraud can be a stand-alone offense or be a charge that is made in conjunction with other state or federal charges. Individuals convicted of credit card fraud face serious consequences.

greenGetting a Divorce in California

While all 50 states now have no-fault and fault-based grounds for divorce, the process of getting a divorce is different in each state. Read the information below to learn about how the process of getting a divorce in California and consider seeking legal representation to assist you with this process.

greenWhat a Legal Separation in California Means to You

While many individuals may believe that the main distinction between a legal separation and divorce in California is that separation is considered temporary and divorce is considered permanent, this interpretation is not accurate. Many separation agreements later serve as the foundation of the divorce agreement, so negotiated terms may indeed wind up being permanent, even if they were hammered out during a separation. Read on to learn more about what a legal separation might mean for you.

greenIllinois Felony Process

When a criminal defendant is going through the criminal process, he or she may be very confused. The following information provides an overview of the felony process in Illinois.

blueFederal Criminal Appeals: 10 Things You Should Know

I have been representing clients in white-collar and other federal criminal appeals for nearly 20 years, and it never ceases to amaze me how many people, laypersons and attorneys alike, are often mystified by this strange process. Why are federal criminal appeals so difficult to understand?

blueHow to Avoid Going to Jail under 18 U.S.C. Section 1001 for Lying to Government Agents

Did you know that it is a crime to tell a lie to the federal government? Even if your lie is oral and not under oath? Even if you have received no warnings of any kind? Even if you are not trying to cheat the government out of money? Even if the government is not actually misled by your falsehood?

blueQueen for a Day: The Dangerous Game of Proffers, Proffer Agreements and Proffer Letters

Just what is a proffer and what are the perils of entering into a proffer agreement (also known as a proffer letter) with the federal government?

blueChoose Correctly the Name for Your Company in Ukraine and Get Success

     By Interlegal
How to choose a company name for your business in the Ukraine. Legal requirements and procedures.

blueCourt of Appeals Rules in Favor of Real Estate Investors - Panama

According to the Third Court of Appeals decision dated November 27, 2007, all property purchase and sale agreements must follow new rules in regards of the conditions agreed between developers and buyers, affecting all new property sellers and buyers from what is called Abusive Conditions.

blueChina’s New Law on Establishment of Ship Survey Company by Foreign Investor

     By V&T Law Firm
On December 29, 2007, China promulgated the Administration Rule on Establishment of Ship Survey Company by Foreign Ship Survey Organization, which means China has formally opened its market in ship survey industry to foreign investment. This new law will become effective from March 1, 2008.

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