What Happens If I Get A Ticket for Driving An Overweight Truck In California?

Don't Risk Losing Your CDL for an Overweight Ticket

There are many questions as to why the state of California is so adamant about issuing tickets to those who violate the overweight truck laws. Trucks carrying overweight loads can, over time, cause damage to the infrastructure of many roads and bridges. This results in the state having to pay millions of dollars in road repair. That is why the state of California imposes such strict penalties and restrictions. Many states issue overweight-load permits for trucks that are deemed excusable due to the importance of the contents of the load versus potential structural damage, and officials often require that drivers lighten their loads. California is far stricter about weight of load requirements, issuing far less permits than other states while issuing more tickets and higher fines.

When you are issued a traffic violation for hauling an overweight load, it causes points to be placed on your CDL. With an excess of DMV points against your CDL, you place yourself at risk for losing your CDL completely. Loss or suspension of your CDL is something you simply can not afford, as it will ultimately result in your termination from your position. Your CDL is your livelihood, and it is not something you should risk loosing for any reason.

With each traffic violation, your insurance rates could increase. The cost of this increase is passed directly onto your employer, causing them a higher rate to keep you employed with them. This could cause them to reconsider your employment with their company. Also, with increased insurance rates and a CDL in jeopardy, you make yourself a liability to future employees. This could prevent you from obtaining employment elsewhere, should the need arise.

If you are a trucker who has received a moving violation for hauling a load that is over the standardized limit, you should consult an attorney that is experienced in working with truckers on eliminating negative traffic records. If you contest your ticket with an attorney, your ticket can be either dismissed or your fines can be reduced. An attorney can challenge any previous court imposed charges or negative DMV points against your CDL. If you receive an over-weight ticket, protect your position and your source of income by enlisting the services of a practiced attorney.

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