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  • The Significant Controllers Registers Regime for Hong Kong Companies
       Provided by Angela Wang & Co.

    Coming into effect since 1 March 2018, the Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 (the “Amendment Ordinance”) introduces new requirements on the keeping of significant controllers registers (“SCR”) by Hong Kong incorporated companies. The SCR should inter alia contain (1) the required particulars of a company’s significant controller(s) and (2) the name and contact details of a designated representative.

  • Hong Kong Uses Massive Fiscal Surplus to Spur Innovation and Alleviate Taxes
       Provided by Masson de Morfontaine

    Hong Kong recently announced record-breaking fiscal surplus of 138 billion HKD from the 2017-18 fiscal year. This is mostly thanks to high revenue from profits tax, land sales, stamp duties and salaries tax. Last year was indeed exceptional for the Asia’s world city, as its economy grew by 3.8% and unemployment rate reached a 20-year low of 2.9%.

  • Halal Regulation in Indonesia after the Establishment of BPJPH Law
       Provided by BP Lawyers

    For a Moslem-majority country like Indonesia, one important thing to consider when buying or consuming daily products is to ensure that the products are halal, or in other words, are allowed to use according to the Islamic laws. For that reason, the Indonesian Government established a new agency to substitute an MUI halal assurance body that brings the advantageous halal certification process.

  • Updates to Vietnam Patent and Trademark Procedures
       Provided by Mirandah Asia

    New regulations with regard to patent and trademark procedures in Vietnam came into force on 15th January 2018. These amended regulations aim to bring the Vietnamese intellectual property system in line with recent developments. Below are some of the main changes based on guidelines laid out in Circular No. 16/2016/TT-BKHCN from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam.

  • China Issues New Data Protection Standard
       Provided by MMLC Group

    When the new Cyber Security Law as promulgated, it did not include a definition of personal information, and was silent on other key issues required for transparent compliance. The National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee has recently released a new standard looking at personal information, thus potentially filling some gaps in the Cyber Security Law.

  • How to Register a Company in Azerbaijan
       Provided by Caspian Legal Center

    To foster the investment attraction, special emphasis has been put on easiness of the registration of businesses (company) in Azerbaijan. As a result, Azerbaijan has been ranked on 18th place under the “starting the business” title on Doing Business Report of World Bank in 2018 among 190 countries. Over the years the number of documents and processes required for establishing company decreased significantly.

  • Marriage Annulment in Armenia
       Provided by iLex Law Firm Armenia

    The Family Code of the Republic of Armenia defines some barriers to marriage. When both or one of the couples ignores even one of these barriers, the marriage may be considered invalid. The marriage can be recognized as invalid only if the interested party applies to the court for its nullity; otherwise, it will remain valid.

  • Thailand Joins the Madrid System on Trademark Registration and Protection
       Provided by Harvey Law Group

    The Madrid system, established in 1891 under the Madrid Agreement, is a protocol which offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for the registration and the management of brands around the world. It allows the request of protection in up to 115 territories for now on, of the System’s other 98 members.

  • Make Clear the Arbitration Establishment in Drawing Up an Arbitration Clause in China
       Provided by Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm

    If there is two and above arbitration establishment in a place, parties must make it clear which one arbitration establishment are chosed for resolving their disputes

  • Divorce in the Philippines: A Legal History
       Provided by De Borja Lamorena and Duano Law Offices

    To date, the Philippines stands alone in the world as the only country that has yet to allow for absolute divorce. Malta, another staunchly Catholic state, has already adopted a resolution that may very well pave the way for a divorce law in that country. A look at Philippine legal history will show that this vacuum in Philippine family law has not always been the case.

  • In Search of Equality and Fairness in Rights of Marriage and Divorce for Muslim Women in Bangladesh
       Provided by Grays Chambers

    Bangladesh is yet to adopt a Uniform Family Code on Marriage related laws. The legal system, which is based on common law applied during the colonial period of British India, is still largely in force, subject to a few reforms through piecemeal legislative interventions.

  • Company Formation in Armenia: 6 Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes
       Provided by Vardanyan & Partners

    Company formation in Armenia can seem straightforward but inadequate preparation and poor choices of corporate form, name and local partners can have severe consequences. Below are 6 tips to help you avoid commonly made mistakes that can cost you time and money.

  • Foreign Investors: How to Incorporate/Register a Limited Company in Bangladesh
       Provided by Jural Acuity

    Bangladesh is considered a key investment destination due to its geo location, cheap labour and competitive production costs. Incorporating a business in Bangladesh has been simplified over the years due to interventions by the Government. Foreign Investors (“Promoters”) intending to invest in Bangladesh has multiple options to incorporate their business in Bangladesh.

  • International Trade Risk in China
       Provided by Shandong Ya & Tai Law Firm

    Supplier be careful of several means of fraud in China: Intenational trade fraud, risk control, about the agent or middleman, the risk of release of cargo with B/L, pick up the cargo without B/L, the risk of port custom, and bank transaction risk.

  • Indian Citizenship: Surrendering and the Bizarre Right to Be Stateless
       Provided by Thukral Global Immigrations

    India’s nationality laws in light of the current international legal framework surrounding statelessness.

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