Attorney Fees and Marital Property Law in CA

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When a person goes through a divorce in California, he or she is often worried about lawyer’s fees and what he or she may have to forfeit to their spouse. In this guide, learn who pays the lawyer’s fees in California, who gets the house, and how marital property is divided.

  • ContentAttorney's Fee Rules in California Family Law Cases

    Legal expenses depend on one of several types of agreements that the client and lawyer enter into before the case even starts, and this could determine the number of fees this legal professional will collect. The rules of these situations usually affect the total amount in a percentage available and the way of accomplishing the collections.

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  • ContentCalifornia Family Law Case - Can the Other Party Be Required to Pay My Lawyer Fees?

    The process of extending a legal proceeding to the point that the other party is unable to continue because of the costs and energy it takes to complete a court case is an important factor in getting legal fees from the other side. Collecting a settlement from the other party is essential, and the ability to also acquire legal costs is a significant factor.

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  • ContentEnforceability of California Prenuptial Agreements

    Many individuals enter into prenuptial agreements in California as a precaution in case of divorce. Prenuptial agreements can help protect assets and income and protect spouses from default divorce rules. Although spouses will hope that they will not need to use their prenuptial agreement, it is there for them in case of divorce. Therefore, an effective strategy for creating a prenuptial agreement is to consider how the divorce should be handled.

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  • ContentHow is Property Divided in a California Divorce?

    When a person goes through a divorce in California, there are certain processes that may transpire differently than in other states, and it is important to understand how to proceed with property division. It has taken decades for California divorce laws to evolve, and for those that have been married in this state, it is essential to research and then hire a lawyer to provide the best possible experience.

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  • ContentWho Gets the House in a California Divorce?

    Divorce procedures in various states may provide the house to one spouse over the other, but California no-fault divorce may not automatically provide this property without an agreement between the two parties. These larger assets may require a specific decision because they are valuable and may cost more than most other assets in the marriage.

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  • ContentAm I Liable for my Husband's Debts?

    As a general rule, you are liable for those debts you incur. If you and your spouse have a shared credit card in both of your names, you are both liable for the debts. If your spouse takes out credit cards or loans but you are not named in the credit or loan documents, you are generally not personally liable for this debt.

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