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Attorney Alexandro Maria Tirelli was born in the city of Naples , Italy on July 30, 1970. He is a member of the bar association of Torre Annunziata.

He has been practicing as criminal defense lawyer in Italy, being recognized as one of the most important international lawyers in Rome, Milan,

Areas of Law

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Tirelli law firms italy

- shares and insider trading (law firms italy)
• legal responsibility for shares in italy. insider trading and false reports of the company and auditors. tirelli law firms offices is ranked one of the top italian law firms (rome, milan, naples, venice, genoa), with 10 personal injury attorneys. our personal injury law firm concentrates in complex personal injury litigation such as for wrongful death, medical malpractice, product liability, premises negligence and transportation liability,divorce, property law, including car-truck collisions, train accidents and aviation litigation, maritime accidents, real estate advisor.

- antitrust laws (italian law firm)
• control of conformation with antitrust italian laws with regard to mergers and acquisitions, control of the respect of european regulations and the relative recourses in italy, consultation to italian legal agent for business projects from an anti-competition point of view. crimes against antitrust laws in italy .regulation of distribution contracts and situations of the italian property real estate.contract notifications .agreements and business situations with the antitrust authority.
antitrust law is a body of legislation and community laws which include controls on mergers and company acquisitions which risk distorting the freedom of competition in the market. the areas covered are ample: cartels, dominant posistions, dumping of goods in foreign markets and other suspect situations or practices which attract investigation or sanctions on the part of the antitrust authority. hence there is well formed antitrust legislation, criminal procedures and the subsequent legal work of prevention, planning and notification of business situations and suspect distribution agreements by attorneys corporation law. the task of the international lawyers to give necessary assistance to the authority with the aim of agreeing rulings and conformation to antitrust rules.

- criminal law ( italian criminal international legal assistance )
• social and bancruptcy crimes (trial assistance and english speaking attorney support) .criminal law implies an obligation on the part of the state to repress crimes also in the case of those in relation to companies, enterprises and groups of enterprises. in relation to the pressence of bankruptcy and other crimes in relation to the life span of the existence of companies and the behaviour of administrators, associates and owners and the susceptibility of being censured in a criminal court and criticalness of this eventuality merit appropriate attention on the part of the client, both through a correct knowledge of defense law and the different options relative to the specific criminal charges. the 'crime' infact represents a very different phenomenon depending on the action, ommission, constitutional violation, crime or fine, violation of obligations or prohibitions, of administrative norms, civil or criminal. various regulations, infact depend on both the abovemention phenomenon and the intentions of the agent (from the degree of guilt or fraud). it is always in a different way that the main sanction is decided and determined from the nature of the attempted or effective crimes, and the circumstances and presence of complicities and similar.
Crimes against the person and the family
Crimes against property
Crimes against the personality of the State
Crimes against the Administration of Justice
Crimes against public order
Crimes against public morality and decency
Crimes against the public economy, industry and commerce
Crimes against public safety
Weapons and explosives
Crimes involving cultural heritage
Credit cards and smuggling
Organized crime and mafia
Immigration, minors and public order
Bankruptcy crimes, corporate and tax
Drugs and drug
Real and personal protective measures
Defensive investigations
Preliminary hearing
Summary judgement
Direct judgement, immediate action for decree
Trial of first instance, appeal and review
Repair process for wrongful imprisonment
Criminal enforcement of judicial measure
Provision relating to legal relations with foreign authorities
Extradition to and from foreign countries
International rogatories abroad and from foreign countries
Effects of foreign criminal judgments
abroad executions of italian criminal judgments

- pubblic contracts
• work contracts, supply, planning and services.transitory requirements and orders
examination of suitable banking references according to the 'merloni.ter' law, with the conformity of the definition of pubblic work, (also with the sinlge extension of naturalistic engineering works), provided for in art.1.1, the application of the specific provision to mixed work contracts, supply and services and in the case of contracts for supply of services in the event that they comprise significant works and assume advanced economic relief which exceeds 50%. the biggest innovations are in relation to operating subjects in the so-called 'special fields (for example water, energy and transport). the new law can also find applications in the confrontation of this type of intervention. our practice cin bologna, (strada maggiore 48), with an office next to the official headquarters of tar emilia romagna carries out the monitoring of pending administrative cases in relation to contracts and supply.

- commercial property
• sale, acquisition and financing of commercial bodies.development of schemes and finace projects.organisation of assets of businesses in joint issues connected to business and other problematic taxes.writing and negotiation of commercial leases, business licenses and lease of selling points planning and regulation connected with all businesses, tirelli maritime lawyers, tax experts and associates is a legal studio of company lawyers with offices in milan, bologna and rome which specialises in commercial law and business rights.commercial law connected to businesses and commercial property covers a wide range of issues relating to questions of comformity to environmental rules both the respect of norms in terms of licenses and leasing contracts. specific laws distinctly regulate the different areas of commercial property comprising? banking, bankruptcy, consumer rights and responsibility of production, contractual obbligations, property rights, mortgages, marketable title, business transactions, sales and leases. moreover, our services include consultation on italian commercial law and international commercial law and the drafting of commercial contracts related to the sale of goods and services of businesses, such as:
• sales contracts (including the international convention of vienna of 1980 on the international sale of movable goods, cisg).supply contract (visita) consumer archive (europe).distribution contract .business contract.commission contract.franchising contract and master procural contract.brokerage contract.mediation contract.contract of concession trading.licensing contract .branging contract .e-trading and know how.
commercial litigation arbitration
• protection and execution of the rights of the private individual.violation of contracts and foreign debt recovery.anti-competitive or unfair competition actions.litigation between shareholders and associates.arbitration through internation and national chambers of commerce.execution of transactions in relation to shares.dispute and controversy negotiation.cases of professional negligence.responsibility for defective of consumers and relative litigation (european consumer index).actions for environmental damages.responsibility of the empleyer.commercial property controversies.litigation in relation to property rights and leasing
if the litigation in question has jurisdiction issues in countries other than italy, in which country would it be most convenient to take an action? can courts in other foreign countries have juristiction in foreign areas? if a dispute is being heard in a given state, but the evidence is connected with another foreign state, is it possible to protect the evidence and acquire it in order to be used in such a court? if a dispute is being heard in a given state but the property is in another country is it possible to freeze such a property before judgement?
to respond to such questions our legal studio must occupy itself with the following:
• selection of the correct juristiction.serving of summons.freezing of assets.parallele procedures.research of assets.extraterritorial clauses and blocks.choice of contract law.execution of foreign arbitration.execution of foreign arbitation

- labour law
• negotiation of work terms and conditions.examination of work licenses.drafting of diciplinary work rules.advising in employment resolution and related diciplinary procedures.updates labour and safety law at work.sponsership in the labour courts.dismissal agreements.orders and necessary application.rationalisation of legal position of the company regarding employees.development of new management structures .interpretation, integration and modification of work benefits.
the aim of labour law is to balance the relationship of power between employers and employees. the law, primarily deals with the relationship between workers and unions and guarantees workers the right to join a union. secondly it regulates in a binding way contracts between employers and employees regarding individual work agreements and relationships.

- Family law
general family relationships
family property regulation
the dissolution of marriage vows and the separation of married couples
adoption and foster care
the personal separation of married persons, judicial and bymutual consent
divorce, the expiry of the civil effects of marriage
deprivation and unfitness
propecting the rights of minors, those under deprivation and deemed unfit
disappearence and presumed death
legal measures concerning ownership rights of married persons
protection orders in the case of abuse within the family

protection of the individual and legal status
real rights
property rights and rights of use
use of property, praedial servitude
joint property, time - sharing and condominium
ownership and acquisitive prescription (squatter's rights)
intangibile assets and royalties
contracts in general
contracts concerning the mobility and possession of assets
contracts for the production of assets and the performance of services
contracts for settling controversies
contracts for carryng out and promoting business
bank and loan contracts
succession upondeath and donations
inheritance and bequests
joint ownership and the partition of inheritance
real rights
the rights of dependent workers
temporary employment
protection for the employment rights of minors and women
employment: duties, qualifications and categories
payment, suspension and terminating employment relationships
individual and collective termination of the employment relationship. Settlement
working from home, domestic, nautical, sports and journalism
protecting the enforcement of employees' rights
process ascertation of rights
process of execution
special proceedings (possessory, injunction, ratification of eviction orders)
impugnment, appeal, petition to the Supreme Court,
non-contentious jurisdiction
recognition of foreign judgments

- immigration
legislation regarding the consolidated Act on immigration and application regulations
internacional adoption
stateless persons and political exile
assistance and integration
medical coverage
public records, documents and authentication
the judicial register
EU citizens
regulations regarding the Commission for foreign minors
legislation on human rights and anti - discrimination law
private international law
extradition, carrying out italan sentences abroad
precautionary, security, and preventive measures
rules on the entry and residence of foreign citizens in italy
Passport, visa and residence permit
education, work and religious freedom
marriage and the family
community and EU legislation
regulations concerning authentification and the language of public records
the penitentiary system
foreign driving licences and vehicles registered abroad
state funded legal aid
Privacy laws
Protection on humanitarian grounds
Refusal and expulsion
Reunion with relatives
letters rogatory and wills

- maritime law italy
The law of navigation is a system which regulates navigation and naval transport. The subjects associated with this field are: Navigation, Territorial Waters, Delivery, Commerce, Imbarkation, Crew, Port Rights, Shipping Insurance, Rights and Guarantees on registered mobile property. All the different legislative bodies, the different “Flag laws” (by nation) are configured in very different ways in the above mentioned areas regardless of the nationality of the ship. Infact a ship flying the Italian flag in the Persian Gulf would be subject to Italian navigation law, with criminal or civil consequences regarding the behaviour and discipline of crew. The Italian courts could refuse juristiction of ships flying a foreign flag.
• Loss of Cargo
• Naval Mortgages
• Collisions and Maritime Law
• Shipping Contracts
• Hire and Transport Contracts
• Naval Insurance Policies
• Merchandise Securities


Writing of IT contracts
Web site compliance
Criminal and civil protection of date and web copyright
Privacy information consultations and netiquette
Development & Licensing Agreements
Purchasing, Leasing & Service Agreements
Domain name & cyber-squatting issues
E-Commerce & electronic transactions
Shared content Agreements
Web hosting contracts
Application Service Provider (ASP) Agreements

The firm with offices in Rome, Bologna and Milan offer assistance for the abovementioned services and I.T. contracts. I.T. Law is a relatively recent field, born from the developments in digital technology. The critical areas of this sector are the defence of consumers and also all the producers of technology. The former must defend themselves from abusive contracts and practices regarding privacy and the later from the pirated reproduction and diffussion of creative works and secondly from the diffusion of products of talent and the protection of the economic rights of reproduction. The knowledge of the difficulties in relation to these rights requires the experience of a lawyer with the ability to regulate in advance the rights and duties of the contractual parties at the time of drawing up I.T. contracts and to instigate legal proceedings in the moment in which one of the contractors violates the rights guaranteed by law or by the contract.


Company Constitution and Dissolution
Business Refinancing and Rental
Consultations for business projects from a legal point of view
Association and Joint Venture contracts
Parasocial Pacts
Start-up and Venture Capital agreements
Strategic alliance agreements
Business Mergers and Aquisitions
Reorganisation of companies at risk of insolvency or bankruptcy
Business planning for foreign investments and management buy-outs.

Company law is a body of laws which regulate the constitution and the existance of companies and commercial transactions. This body of law permits the conduct of relationships and the stipulation of contracts in the most efficient, predictable and certain way. Company laws offer a guide for the difficult task of choosing the type of company structure most suited to each case.

Protection and execution of the rights of the private individual
Violation of contracts and foreign debt recovery
Anti-competitive or unfair competition conduct
Insurance actions
Litigation between shareholders and associates
Arbitration through internation and national chambers of commerce
Execution of transactions in relation to shares
Dispute and controversy negotiation
Cases of professional negligence
Responsibility for defective products
Protection of consumers and relative litigation (European consumer index)
Actions for environmental damages
Responsibility of the empleyer
Commercial property controversies
Litigation in relation to property rights and leasing

If the litigation in question has jurisdiction issues in countries other than Italy, in which country would it be most convenient to take an action? Can courts in other foreign countries have juristiction in foreign areas? If a dispute is being heard in a given state, but the evidence is connected with another foreign state, is it possible to protect the evidence and acquire it in order to be used in such a court? If a dispute is being heard in a given state but the property is in another country is it possible to freeze such a property before judgement?

To respond to such questions our legal studio must occupy itself with the following:
Selection of the correct juristiction
Serving of summons
Freezing of assets
Parallele procedures
Research of assets
Extraterritorial clauses and blocks
Choice of contract law
Execution of foreign sentences
International arbitration
Execution of foreign arbitation

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