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Kelly Warner Law is a full-service firm which specializes in defamation, internet law and business law. At Kelly Warner Law, we help startup companies get on their feet by providing a wide range of legal services that you will not find at most law firms. We are experts in technology and can provide

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 Title Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

Anyone who crafts original work, such as a piece of writing, music or physical art, is entitled to copyright on that creation. By law, a copyright is a kind of security given to the authors of original works. When you've successfully fashioned something creative, be it a manuscript , a song or a painting, you're entitled to file a copyright for your material. A copyright is a legal term which assigns exclusive rights to the maker of the original content.

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 Protecting Your Personal Information with Online Privacy Laws

A lot of people who use the internet have the need to protect their privacy. However, the internet is still so new that online privacy laws are still being written and modified.

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 Bladder Sling Problems

Bladder Sling Injuries and Problems

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 Internet Marketing Law - FTC and Advertising Rules

Marketing and Advertising on the Internet is subject to the same laws as any other medium. Sometimes people do not follow those rules, and the FTC or State AG is involved.

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 Penny Auctions: Legalities and Realities

Penny auction sites are popping up everywhere on the Internet, like mushrooms after a storm. The basis of their appeal from the bidders' point of view is the old something for nothing. If all goes right and their bid is the winner, then they've managed to get valuable items for dirt cheap. But it's harder to figure out the attraction from the site owner's perspective.

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 A Recipe for Disaster

Why a magazine is in hot water over a half-baked response to alleged copyright infringement.

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 How to Protect Your Business against Internet Defamation

The Internet is, as the cliché goes, "a marketplace of ideas." Whether a person has an opinion on politics, commerce, or even the show they saw on TV last night, there is always a forum to spread their opinion on, and that opinion will be available worldwide.

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 Crucial Elements of a Terms of Service Agreement

The author gives 5 important examples in Terms of Services.

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 ISP Liability for Internet Defamation

Defamation is a serious problem on the Internet. For the same reason that the Web has become a great tool for research and mass dissemination of information, it has also become a tool for those who would seek to defame others.

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 Policies and Procedures for Online Businesses

Understanding the online business world can help you build value for your business. From the founding of your company, and every day thereafter, you should be thinking about maintaining a presence online and building relationships that will be of value. Each move you make can make your company more or less valuable. This advice applies to both local businesses and those wishing to operate in the global market.

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 SaaS Law and SaaS Agreements

Software as a Service (SaaS), or sometimes known as cloud computing, has been hailed as the next level of modern software. SaaS offers significant advantages to businesses and consumers alike, both in its cost and ease of use. This article will provide a basic overview of SaaS and SaaS law and why developers and end users alike need to understand the role an SaaS attorney plays in this new software.

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 Section 230 of the CDA and Website Immunity

The Communications Decency Act, found in Section 230 of Title 47 of the US Code, was enacted in 1996 to provide website operators with immunity for third-party content. At the time, Section 230 seemed like the best approach to help the internet grow, as several court cases threatened to put many service providers such as AOL and Prodigy out of business. Yet, Section 230 of the CDA has caused many unintentional problems that, at the time, were probably never contemplated.

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 Forming a Business in Arizona

In Arizona, the Limited Liability Company ("LLC") has become the standard for most businesses when choosing the type of legal entity to form. An LLC is an entity that is similar to both a corporation and a partnership. It does, however, have distinct differences from the corporation. Many see it as an answer to the shortcomings of the traditional corporations stringent organizational requirements, and the unlimited liability imposed upon partnerships.

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 Franchise Agreements, Breach of Contract, and the Role of Franchisee

Typically when we hear the word franchise we think of the large commercial chains of stores that spring up overnight, offering everything from fast food to spray tanning. A franchise is actually much much more.

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 The Social Responsibility of Business

The CEO of Ford Motor Co., William Ford Jr., once said "A good company delivers excellent products and services, and a great company does all that and strives to make the world a better place". As a business owner, I've taken that advice to heart.

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 What Happens to Intellectual Property during Bankruptcy

Many of you would recognize the name CBGB from t-shirts and slogans, all without knowing that the name originated from a legendary music venue in Manhattan. Even more interesting, the club has been closed since 2006. Yet, the investors who purchased it bought it for the naming rights, not the club. These rights, called intellectual property rights. So the question is, what happens to those intellectual property rights during a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

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 Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: What Businesses Can File for Bankruptcy?

The United States Bankruptcy code that deals with Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy is one of the most complicated statutes in American history. Not surprisingly, there are few attorneys that handle these types of cases. Often times our business bankruptcy lawyers receive calls from clients in dire financial straits asking whether a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy here in Arizona.

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 Protecting Creditors Rights When a Debtor Files a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In cases where the debtor has filed under Chapter 13, or it has been converted to a Chapter 13 from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debt collection attorney has a number of options at their disposal when a debtor is seeking relief under the bankruptcy code. Being proactive at this point is what can make or break your chances of recovering a substantial percentage of the debtor's obligations.

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 10 Things Every Internet Marketer Should Know

The author describes the 10 things you should know to market in Internet.

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