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Acumen Law Corporation's lawyers have more than 17 years of experience defending driving offences and criminal allegations of all kinds. Whether you're being investigated for a hit-and-run, drinking driving, dangerous driving, theft, assault, or any other criminal allegation, you can be sure Acumen Law Corporation's lawyers have the skills and experience you need to defend the case.

We have extensive experience defending criminal charges in many areas of law. We’ll defend most cases with the exception of murder. We believe that those facing investigation or criminal charges are often good people who have simply made a mistake. Our goal in all cases is to find a successful outcome in court and help our clients avoid jail time or a criminal record. Our lawyers at Acumen Law Corporation have experience defending everything from shoplifting to attempted murder.

At Acumen Law Corporation, we have a range of expertise covering many areas of administrative law. Administrative law describes a process where disputes are decided by government-appointed tribunal members instead of a judge in a courthouse. These tribunals are typically established to have jurisdiction over specialized areas, such as driving, human rights, tenancy disputes, immigration reviews, and more.

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Can I Sleep in My Vehicle in Canada While Drunk?

The City of Victoria has a plan to deal with homelessness. Like so many lawmakers before them, city officials are trying to come with novel and effective solutions to a housing crisis that has engulfed many communities in Canada. Their bright idea? To allow people to be sleeping in vehicles as if they were homes.

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When Can Police Search Your Cellphone in Canada?

You have been told you’re under arrest by police for an alleged crime. Now the officer at the scene wants to search your cellphone, and is even demanding the password from you. Can you refuse to give the password? If you refuse to unlock the phone, can police still access its contents? What if the phone was unlocked, can the officer start scrolling through my stuff?

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