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Advotec Overview

We are lawyers and patent attorneys of an intellectual property law firm who are admitted to practice before the German and European Patent Offices and are specialized in the acquisition and enforcement of industrial property rights. We have comprehensive experience in all legal matters relating to patents, utility models, designs and trademarks. Our partners and staff members, counting approximately 60 members, are organized strictly according to the principles of lean management, enabling us to provide professional services that meet even the highest expectations and to securely manage intellectual property rights.

Our intellectual property law firm represents both German and foreign clients in all technological fields. advotec. has offices in Munich, where the German and European Patent Offices have their headquarters, in Wuerzburg, a city located approximately 100 km south-east of Frankfurt am Main, famous for its local viniculture and sporting a growing local industry, in Giessen, a city located approximately 60 km north of Frankfurt near the center of the optical industry in Wetzlar and the renowned University of Marburg, in Siegen, a city located approximately 100 km east of Cologne, in Straubing, a city located approximately 140 km north-east of Munich and approximately 150 km south-east of Nuremberg, and in Passau, a city referred to as “The Town of Three Rivers” located approximately 200 km east of Munich.

Intellectual property, such as a technical invention, a new product design or an appealing trademark, is only a valuable asset if it receives the utmost protection against replications and counterfeits. In order to ensure this, the range of services provided by our attorneys here at advotec. pertains to the entire field of intellectual property rights. The close collaboration between our patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law moreover yields a high advisory proficiency regarding the fields of license rights and contract law as well as infringements of rights.

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