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Law Firm Overview

Allison & Ward Attorneys at Law in Austin represents clients in personal injury and wrongful death litigation as well as Texas workers' compensation claims throughout Central Texas and the Hill Country, including such communities as Round Rock, San Marcos, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, Kyle, Elgin, Bastrop, Lockhart, Buda, Travis County, Williamson County and Hays County.

Allison & Ward today is a successful three-attorney law firm that concentrates on protecting the rights of accident victims in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Work-related injuries form an especially important focus of our practice.

Our clients include truck drivers, warehouse workers, nurses and health care workers, public employees, highway maintenance workers, and people injured at construction sites. In some cases, we can sue your employer directly for negligence. In other cases, we look for chances to proceed with a workers' comp claim followed by a personal injury lawsuit against a different defendant whose negligence played a part in your accident.

Because we focus on accidents on the job, we can give you the advice and representation you need to make sure you receive the appropriate amount of compensation in an injury case. We can help you recover benefits or damages for back injuries, severe soft-tissue trauma, or even disabling spinal cord or brain injuries. We also advise families with wrongful death claims resulting from workplace accidents.

We stress the importance of thorough documentation of every aspect of your claim. Workers' comp claims are often denied, under treated or prematurely terminated. In a personal injury lawsuit, we assume that every fact we need to prove will be disputed, and we prepare your case as though it will need to go to trial. Most cases eventually settle, but our commitment to thorough trial preparation helps you get the negotiating leverage you need.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Injuries to Children; Non-Subscribers Workers' Compensation; Warehouse Accidents; Health Care Accidents; Public Employee Claims; Soft-Tissue Injuries; Misdiagnosis; Doctor and Hospital Error; Amputation and Mutilation; Automobile Design Defects; Faulty Safety Equipment; Defective Children’s Toys.

Areas of Law Description

We provide legal services on the following areas of practice:

- Bicycle Accidents

At the law firm of Allison & Ward, we help victims of bicycle accidents recover maximum fair compensation for their injuries through knowledge, aggressive negotiation and zealous representation at trial, if necessary. We will independently evaluate all of the evidence and work with you to develop a persuasive case.

- Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

At Allison & Ward, we have been helping victims of dog bites and animal attacks since our firm was originally founded more than 30 years ago. As our firm has grown in size, our resources and bank of knowledge have also grown. Today, we help people with virtually every type of personal injury and workers' compensation case, including cases involving dog bites and other animal injuries.

- Injuries to Children

At Allison & Ward, our attorneys are also parents. We know how emotional an injury to a child can be, and we work with great compassion to help children and their families through this difficult time. At the same time, we are tough, practical negotiators and trial lawyers who know how to quantify the present and future impact of the injuries your child has sustained.

- Non-Subscribers Workers' Compensation

Our lawyers will perform a full investigation of the circumstances of your accident. We will examine every detail of the evidence to show fault and examine all sources of compensation available. Our goal is to maximize your full and fair compensation for medical benefits, lost wages, pain and suffering.

- Texas Workers' Compensation

Don't expect to handle your own workers' comp claim and have it come out well. Your injury might not be correctly diagnosed. The insurer might argue that your injury isn't work-related. Your benefits might be short of what you are entitled to and they might be cut off before you're ready to return to work. Our lawyers can help you avoid and resolve any problems with your workers' compensation claim.

- Workplace Accidents

We can advise you about the full range of your rights in cases ranging from back or neck injuries to severe brain trauma or permanent spinal cord damage. Whenever possible, we'll help you recover both workers' comp benefits and personal injury damages from the same workplace accident. We also represent the families of fatal accident victims in Texas wrongful death litigation.

- Construction Accidents

If your employer has workers' compensation insurance, the first step is to get your claim for lost wages and medical benefits underway. However, many Texas employers are either uninsured or have an injured employee benefits plan instead of workers' comp insurance. These employers are known as non-subscribers.

- Warehouse Accidents

Loading docks, warehouses, freight terminals and other industrial transfer hubs can be the scene of serious accidents and injuries. If you were injured in a warehouse or other industrial setting, contact an experienced workplace accidents attorney at the Austin law firm of Allison & Ward. Our familiarity with both personal injury cases and the Texas workers' compensation system means that your lawyers will know how to help you get the compensation you deserve.

- Premises Liability Claims

If your employer participates in the Texas workers' compensation system, you won't need to prove negligence or fault to recover basic benefits for lost income and medical expenses. In fact, you would be precluded from suing your for additional damages — workers' comp is the exclusive remedy against your company for your injuries.

- Truck and Car Accidents

We can help you with the Texas workers' compensation aspects of your claim to protect your income and right to medical coverage while you're recovering from your injuries. You may also be able to file a civil lawsuit for damages against the other driver, which may provide more damages than if you pursued only a workers' comp claim.

- Health Care Accidents

We represent foreign health care workers regardless of visa status. Many nursing or home health care assistants come from Latin America or overseas. Our attorneys can advise and represent you about injury claims regardless of your visa status or documentation. You don't have to worry about immigration problems if you are hurt on the job.

- Public Employee Claims

Because our lawyers are familiar with both the proof of liability and damages in personal injury lawsuits and the public employee benefits procedure, we can help with your state or local employee benefit claims while investigating the facts and pursuing your rights in a negligence lawsuit. In some cases, we can recover compensation for you under both systems.

- Head and Brain Injuries

Our lawyers advise and represent injured employees in Texas workers' compensation cases and personal injury lawsuits — whenever we can, we'll handle both cases for you so that you collect the appropriate amount of compensation. We present benefits and damages claims for accidents.

- Back and Spinal Injuries

Our ability to resolve both personal injury lawsuits and workers' comp claims can help you get access to both systems of payment whether your injuries were suffered in a construction accident, a job-related car crash, or a mishap in a warehouse or freight yard.

- Soft-Tissue Injuries

Our experience with the proof of damages for injuries ranging from severe sprains and strains to disc herniation or surgical knee conditions can help you settle your claims without the need for a trial or take your case all the way to court, if necessary.

- Wrongful Death Claims

Our attorneys draw upon a 30-year tradition of client service to protect your rights and interests while helping your family through a difficult transition. We advise and represent surviving families in workplace accident litigation resulting from fatal motor vehicle accidents, construction site disasters or any other accident on the job.

- Products Liability

The law firm of Allison & Ward welcomes the opportunity to put our extensive knowledge and experience in products liability law to work for you.

- Medical Malpractice

Allison & Ward accepts medical malpractice cases because of our extensive experience in successfully litigating these types of cases. Many of these injuries are devastating and permanent. Medical malpractice cases are also usually highly technically and require a substantial amount of research and knowledge of the law.


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