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Law Firm Overview

Aloia & Roland LLP is designed to help Florida residents with most of the legal issues they may face in their lifetimes. We represent individuals, families, and small businesses in a number of legal areas: Personal injury; Civil and commercial litigation; Real estate; Family law.

Aloia & Roland LLP believes in "representing names, not numbers." This means that you will meet with your lawyer the very first time you come to our office for consultation. You can count on attentive, personalized representation as we present your interests.

Our law office has been a downtown landmark in Fort Myers. Its First Street address used to house a barbershop run by Michael, Rocco, Willie, and Salvatore Pavese.

Founded around the turn of the 20th century, the Pavese brothers' barbershop moved to the Earnhardt Building in 1915. The shop offered a hot water bath, shampoo, haircut, and shave for 25 cents each in the 1930s. More than that, the shop was a downtown hangout, where locals and travelers would gather until late in the evenings, and the Paveses did not close up until every customer had a haircut. Barbershop patrons included the Philadelphia Athletics baseball team and its owner/manager Connie Mack, and an attorney involved in the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and murder case of 1935. The most famous regular customer, however, was inventor and American icon Thomas Edison, who, after years of patronage and in failing health, trusted barber Mike Pavese to make hair-cutting house calls at the Seminole Lodge.

Its history of serving the people of Fort Myers continues with its present tenants, Aloia & Roland LLP.

Coincidentally, present and past tenants share more than an address. Michael Pavese is Mr. Aloia's great-grandfather. Although Mr. Aloia grew up hearing stories of the Pavese Barbershop, he did not know its location until after he and Mr. Roland agreed to purchase the property.

Like our office's predecessors, our Fort Myers personal injury attorneys expertly meet your specific needs. Personal injury clients receive free initial consultations, and we are happy to help you fix any legal problem you may face in injury, real estate, family matters, and commercial or construction litigation.

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