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Law Firm Overview

Alves Jacob Law Firm is a full service firm providing clients with excellent and practical representation. Our firm has a long and distinguished tradition of legal service to clients in Brazil and non - Brazilians. We represent companies, individuals, and law firms from all over the world.

Our aim is to provide cost effective legal services that combine our tradition of commitment to service with the latest innovations in the practice of law. We have demonstrated enduring record which emphasizes teamwork and a commitment to excellence with international clients and collaborating lawyers.

Our good reputation is our most valued asset. Our tradition of exemplary performance executed with practical judgment, remains highly respected among our peers. We are very proud that these are a key reason for our success.

Year this Office was Established: 1997

Languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Curatorship; Strategic Contracts; Commercial Arrangements; Employment Contracts; Employee Benefit Packages; Equity and Debt Financing; Divestitures; Shareholder Agreements; Leases; Loan Agreements; License Agreements; Distribution Agreements; Stock Option Programs; Breach of Contract; Internal Contract Disputes; Fraud or Misrepresentation; Breach of Employment Contracts; Breach of Commercial Lease Agreements; Same Sex Civil Union; Same Sex Marriage; Marriage Thru Power Of Attorney; International Adoptions; Restraining Order; International Child Abduction; Debit Recovery; Commercial Debt Collections; Cargo Loss and Damage; Collision and Casualties; Contract Drafting and Analysis; Occupational Disease Defense; Estate Administration; Power of Attorney; Guardianship; Investigation for Individuals and Companies; Civil Law.

Areas of Law Description

- Real Estate Law

When non Brazilians want to buy property in Brazil, they are protected by the legal constitution and have the same rights as Brazilians. Our firm can assist you in drafting and reviewing the purchase and sale contract, to ensure your rights are protected in writing. We have the expertise you need to handle your case.

- Wills and Probate

Our law firm has represented clients with a broad spectrum of trust and estate issues in Brazil. We are one of the premier employment law firms representing individuals with many years of experience litigating on behalf of individuals. We have the experience and skill necessary to provide clients with a vigorous and effective defense in the Brazilian courts.

- Commercial Law / New Business

Our dedicated lawyers represent clients and help them to establish companies. We assist clients in negotiations, contracts, transfers, and related matters through the Brazilian Central Bank and the preparation and submission of applications for foreign capital registration with the Central Bank of Brazil, for which our law firm operates as an agent.

- Trademarks and Patents

Our firm initiates the process of your product or trademark registration. We assist our clients through the entire procedure of the Patent and Trademark Office, which is located in Rio de Janeiro. Our uncompromising and rigorous advocacy has the singular focus of achieving our clients' goals and protecting their interests.

- Criminal Law

For many years, our law firm has gained nationally recognized criminal trial expertise. During this time, we have successfully represented individuals charged with a broad range of crimes. We are available to handle any type of criminal cases, such as criminal defense, drug crimes, traffic violations, juvenile crimes, white collar crimes, assault, car and vehicle accidents, and others.

- Environmental Law

For the past years, we provide complete assistance with environmental demands in the preventive and consultative sphere assisting with licensing and interaction with the environmental regulatory agencies. We act in all levels of the Judiciary System and with all types of cases that relate to this subject.

- Maritime Law

Our experience lawyers assist with ships, whether carrying people or cargo, fishing, used for science research, transportation of people or property by water, and all other purposes. These cases are unique and require the special experience of a maritime injury lawyer. Trust your case to a highly qualified maritime attorney like us.

- International Adoptions

Our law firm has excellent relationships with orphanages. The adoptions in Brazil are done through private attorneys. We work hard to make your Brazil adoption experience smooth and joyous.

- International Divorce

Our lawyers provide legal assistance to dissolution of marriages whether through divorce or annulment. The firm can help you to get divorce process less stressful and guarantee that your legal rights will be protected. We are here to resolve the dispute you have with your spouse or husband.


  • Brazilian Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • International Bar Association
  • Union Internationale des Avocats

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