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Law Firm Overview

Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates is a Law Firm in Kampala, Uganda, that represents clients in the areas of company law, trademarks law, foreign investment law and family law. We have over time built reputation for representing the legal needs of foreign clients in Uganda. Representing foreign clients form over 70% of our work.

Lawyers at the firm have specialized experience in the few areas of the firmís practice. They listen to clients to find out what legal service they need. They work hard to meet those objectives and fill that need. They rely on their experience to execute instructions within the shortest time possible.

Attorneys at Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates Law Firm are accessible and responsive, using technology to best serve their clients.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Company Law & Corporate Structuring; Foreign Investment Support.


Angualia Daniel Mr. Angualia Daniel
Commercial Law, Divorce, Employment, Family Law, Intellectual Property

Mr. Busiku Peter
Business and Industry, Divorce, Employment, Family Law, Immigration


Ms. Ninsiima Irene
Adoption, Business Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Litigation

Ms. Jane F. Kaddu
Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Employment, Family Law, Intellectual Property

Ms. Nusula N. Kizito
Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Intellectual Property


  • Uganda Law Society
  • East Africa Law Society
  • Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity
  • Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda

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Articles Published by Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates

 Guide to Establishing and Operating a Foreign Not-for-Profit Organization in Uganda

Not for profit Organisations commonly referred to Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Uganda are regulated by the Non Governmental Organizations Act 2016. The Act was signed into law the President on 30th January 2016. S. 56(1) of the Act repealed and replaced the Non Governmental Organizations Act Cap 113.

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 Uganda Children Amendment 2016: Summary of Laws Governing Inter-Country Adoption from Uganda

For some time, concerns had been raised over unethical inter-country legal guardianship of children from Uganda. In March 2016, Uganda Parliament was convinced and passed the Children Amendment Act 2016 which restricted legal guardianship to citizens only. Non-citizens can only petition for adoption. The application of the new law which is summarized in this article is yet to be seen.

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 The Role of an Insurance Agent in Uganda

In a contract of insurance, there are intermediaries through whom business is transacted and these include among others; agents and brokers. The reason is that most times insurers and some times the insured are companies who can only act through agents ranging from directors and senior management down to junior employees and also other local agents soliciting proposals for insurance. For the case of Uganda, Insurance companies must be bodies corporate under s.4 of the Insurance Act.

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 Advertising & Marketing Law in Uganda

Uganda lacks specific laws to govern the advertising business. Regulation of advertising is provided in sections of several laws.

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 Trademark Registration Requirements in Uganda

Registration of trademarks in Uganda is enabled by the Principal Legislation on trademarks in Uganda the Trademarks Act No.7 of 2010 that repealed the Trademarks Act Cap 217 and Chapter 37 of the Penal Code Act Cap 120; and its regulations, the Trademark Regulations Statutory Instrument No. 58 of 2012.

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 Opposition to Trademark Registration in Uganda

Who has standing to make opposition? Opposition may be made by any person claiming prior rights to exclusive use of the mark or any other interested person that has sufficient grounds.

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 Uganda: Benefits of an Investment Licence to the Government

The licensing of investments in Uganda provides vital information for the Government in the following areas:

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 Benefits of an Investment Licence in Uganda

According to the Investment Code Act 1991, Section 15 (1 and 2), Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) shall issue to the applicant an investment license which shall; Authorize the holder of a license to make all arrangements necessary for establishing the business enterprise described in the license.

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 Investment Incentives in Uganda

The absolute exemption on plant and machinery only applies to plant and machinery used in the agricultural sector.

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 Processing Investment Licence in Uganda

After a company has been incorporated registered (foreign company) in Uganda, it is eligible for an investment license provided its capital investment exceeds US$ 100,000 (Foreign firms) and US $ 50,000 (Local firms).

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 Why You Should not Send Care Packages in International Adoption - Uganda

To send a care package or not? That is a question that many adoptive parents ask themselves as soon as they are matched with a child overseas.

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 Ten Steps to Adopt a Child from Uganda

It is a practice that families receive referrals after they have completed their home study. The reason for this is that home study completion is not guaranteed. It would serve no purpose if after a successful child referral, you are unable to complete the home study.

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 Legal Requirements for Registration of NGOs in Uganda

Registration of NGOs in Uganda is seen by many as a complex process given the documentation involved. With the right information, the process should not be complex. This text provides an easy to read and understand summary of requirements for registration of NGOs in Uganda.

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 Trademark Registration Procedures in Uganda

Trademark registration in Uganda is governed by the Trademarks Act, 2010. The Act provides for among other things; the registration of trademarks, the procedure for and duration of registration, the effect of trademark registration and action for infringement of a trademark, the fees for legal proceedings and appeals and trademark related offences.

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 Legal Requirements for Child Adoption and Legal Guardianship in Uganda

Adoption is a legal process whereby a person permanently assumes the parental rights and responsibilities for a child from his or her biological parents. Legal guardianship is a legal process whereby a person is appointed by court to take care of a child. The guardian has the parental rights and responsibilities but such rights and responsibilities the guardian has over the child are not permanent.

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The registration/ formation and management of companies are governed by the companies Act 2012 and several other laws such as the Investment Code Act, The income tax Act, Value Added Tax Act, Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control Act, National Social Security Fund Act among others.

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